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Irene Briskey was born and raised in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago, IL. She is a first-generation American who has always had the drive and passion to help others. That passion eventually led her to the finance industry, and almost 30 years later, Irene has yet to look back!

Since joining the industry back in 1985, Irene has gained incredible experience working in this industry from different positions, like the local banks and the customer service department. Irene has had plenty of success in this industry, including earning President’s Club honors on multiple occasions. Throughout the years, two things have been constant in her recipe for success: high moral values and trustworthiness. Irene knows how vital it is to gain the trust of her clients, and she is more than willing to go the extra mile to make sure her clients are as stress free as possible during this process. Anybody who works with Irene truly is in great hands.

Irene currently resides in Wauconda, Illinois with her partner of 25 years. Irene also has a son who is currently in college. In her free time, you can find Irene getting her hands dirty in the garden or rescuing and caring for Rat Terriers. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, Irene also loves walking along the beach outside her condo and watching the most spectacular sunrises in Playa Del Carmen.