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Jessica Edwards graduated from the University of Missouri with a Degree in Business Administration and Marketing.  After obtaining her degree, Jessica began her career as a lobbyist for various entities substantiating their needs to the Missouri Legislature.  She left this line of work in 2014 and started her career in the mortgage industry.  She spent two years learning the industry as a closer.  From there, she moved on to learn processing roles and become a Loan Officer Assistant.  She has been a Senior Loan Officer for the past two years.

Jessica joined The Federal Savings Bank as a Mortgage Banker in December of 2022. With over seven years in the mortgage industry, Jessica has the knowledge and expertise to help each borrower structure the optimal mortgage to achieve their financial goals.  Jessica prides herself in her knowledge of the VA loan.  At the start of her career, her focus was to assist Veterans and Military Members in utilizing their hard-earned VA Benefits.  She has since expanded her knowledge to many other types of loans and has helped hundreds of borrowers obtain their dream homes.  Because of her unique background in all stages of the loan process and as well as many different loan products, she can confidently guide her clients through each step of the mortgage process with ease.

Jessica lives in Columbia, MO with her husband of 7 years.  She and her husband chose to make their home in the Mizzou community as they are avid sports fan and loves to cheer on the Tigers!  She is also a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Cardinals. Aside from her sports obsession, she loves to teach Pilates and play golf with her husband as often as possible.