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Brandon Tallale relocated from his hometown in Miami, FL, where he studied, to Dallas, TX to further his expertise with his previous employer. He has spent the last several years in the mortgage industry and has now relocated to Scottsdale, AZ for his new position here at The Federal Savings Bank.

During this time, Brandon crafted his skills and quickly climbed the ranks with his previous company before joining us. He prides himself on being transparent with each client and communicating every detail throughout the process to make it as smooth as possible. These key traits were instilled in him during his childhood which he attributes all his success to. This gratitude trickles to his clients, as he considers everyone family, and treats them so.

Although he has left his immediate family behind by joining us in Scottsdale, AZ. Brandon spends every moment outside of The Federal Savings Bank with his daughter and wife. In these moments he instills the same qualities and attributes that were taught to him during childhood.