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Niti Kapoor grew up in India and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Delhi University in Delhi, India. She speaks fluent English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. Since being in this country she has worked in Real Estate as a licensed Sales Agent and educated herself in mortgage finance to become a licensed originator in the State of New York.

Her education, ability to speak several languages, and her outgoing personality have all helped her to become successful in relating to her customers and in helping them to attain home ownership. It also allowed her to help those who struggled with their mortgages after the housing bubble burst. She also assisted victims of Sandy in rebuilding their houses and ensuring that they knew how to handle their home financing. From these varied experiences arose her philosophy that making a difference in peoples’ lives is what makes her own life fulfilled. She takes pride in what she does and that makes her an invaluable asset to The Federal Savings Bank.

The Federal Savings Bank is a Veteran owned company which takes pride in providing the financing for American as well as Foreign home buyers. The Bank has a huge variety of programs that fit many prospective buyers and her customers have all benefited from the diverse products that she can offer them. The Federal Savings Bank is known for Rebuilding America, One Home Loan at a Time.

When Niti is not helping her customers attain the American Dream of homeownership, she is organizing and participating in social, political, cultural and religious events. For her services in her community she was awarded the New York City Citation Award in October of 2012. Niti also loves to cook and bakes healthy breads and inventing new recipes is her passion.