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Yvette is a Chicago, IL native with over 23 years of experience helping clients obtain the American dream of homeownership. During her tenure, Yvette held the position as Market Director leading 2 markets which consisted of 25 branches. She also managed her own investment properties and helped others building a plan to reach their goals of owning investment properties and creating additional streams of income.

Yvette has held a variety of positions within the finance industry throughout her 23-year career including Market Manager, District Manager, Branch Manager, and Banker. Yvette has been highly ranked as a National Achiever Recipient. Her achievements include being in the top 10% in production and in the peer group as District Manager, was ranked top 10% as a banker, and finished in the top 10% in the peer group as a Branch Manager. With her extensive experience, Yvette has become very knowledgeable in several aspects of lending, works well under pressure, is decisive when it comes to finding solutions for her clients. Yvette takes pride in treating everyone with integrity and respect. She enjoys getting to know her clients as if they were her own family. Yvette finds it very rewarding to help others with one of their most important investments of their life. For Yvette, it is a privilege to share expertise and give her best financial advice to her clients.

Yvette currently resides in the Western suburbs of Chicago with her husband Sean their kids, David, Dylan, Sarah, and Samantha. Outside of work, Yvette loves to surround herself with nature. She enjoys hiking and is planning her next adventure to hike down the Havasu Falls. Yvette also enjoys volunteering her time to help the homeless with her church.