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The mortgage process requires commitment, attention to detail, patience, and perhaps most importantly, customer service. Isaac is dedicated to fulfilling all of these while developing a long-term relationship with his clients.

Isaac has an accounting degree and for several years worked with at-risk teens. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Isaac has been originating mortgages since 1997. He began his successful career with Fairmont Funding where he quickly became one of the top producing officers. He eventually accepted a management position where he trained and developed many new loan officers to become successes in their own right. He was able to maintain his high level of production and customer service with his own personal borrowers, while making sure his loan officers were performing and growing at a very quick pace.

During the past 14 years and particularly in the financial turmoil of recent years, Isaac has seen and successfully survived all the ups and downs of the mortgage market. This is what helped him make the decision to join the Northeast division of The Federal Savings Bank. He knew he was joining a financially stable and strong bank that is, and will continue to be, a leading bank in the mortgage industry.