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Alexandrea Steidinger was born and raised in Brandon, Mississippi, where she attended Hinds Community College in the city of Raymond. From there, Alexandrea explored all different jobs under the same goal of helping others. Whether it was managing a restaurant or teaching, she always knew what motivated her was helping people in any capacity that she could. Soon after, she decided real estate was something that she wanted to do as a passion and combined that with her goal to help people in obtaining homes, so she became a mortgage banker.

Alexandrea has been in the financial industry for over three years including real estate. Though, being fairly new to the industry, Alexandrea strives to provide a seamless experience throughout the entire loan process. Because of her extensive knowledge of available programs, problem solving skills and commitment to excellence, Alexandrea ensures her clients receive superior guidance as they pursue one of the most personal investments of their lifetime. She believes that her interaction with her clients is much more than just a transaction, Alexandra takes pride in putting her client’s needs first and treating them as if they are family.

Alexandrea now resides in Cary, IL, where her focus remains directed at helping others. She has been married since 2015 and enjoys the company with two golden retrievers. In her free time, Alexandrea focuses on charity work. From the years of 2016-2018 she helped rescue victims of human trafficking and spent time in Mozambique teaching rescued women how to make jewelry as a way for them to support themselves and become self-sufficient. The drive to help others as best as she can is what makes Alexandrea a passionate and successful mortgage banker. She will use that same effort and passion to ensure the people she takes care of will be happy and taken care of.