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Joel Shuflin grew up in the middle of midwestern corn and soybeans, graduated with only 125 classmates in his small high school, and then moved to the Chicago area. There he graduated university with a master’s degree in communication, started a family and raised four outstanding children who now live and work on three different continents around the globe.

Beside the opportunity to make new friends, Joel’s favorite part of this industry is the opportunity to educate families about their best options to create their desired lifestyle. As an educator and coach, Joel has worked with individuals and business owners for decades – helping them define and move toward their ideal lifestyles. Now, Joel is applying that passion to helping senior families (55+) achieving the lifestyle they’ve worked hard for their entire lives.

But Joel doesn’t know everything about every solution available, so he’s worked hard to build a network of experts, mentors, and business partners to whom he can get quick, reliable answers when he needs them. Anyone who works with Joel is in the hands of a knowledgeable and caring professional.

When he’s not working on solutions for his customers, Joel spends his time speaking at civic and professional groups about the importance of relationships, teamwork, and customer service. He’s a voracious researcher/reader and enjoys relaxing in Pilates and cycling. At sunrise, you may also find him training or hiking with his dog, Kenzie – whom he describes as a highly-distractable Lab/Shepherd mix.