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Mary A. Cazares was born and raised in Chicago. At a young age, Mary knew she wanted to work somewhere in the Real Estate market. She landed her feet in the mortgage industry as a Junior Loan Officer when she was just a senior in high school. Continuing the tradition of a strong work ethic that she inherited from her mother and grandmother, she worked two jobs while finishing her undergraduate at The University of Illinois at Chicago. There, she went on to receive a double major in Business Management and Finance with an emphasis on Investment Analysis. After obtaining her degrees, she used her networking skills to work her way to top companies in the mortgage industry, eventually landing a management position that would showcase her skills both in sales and leadership.

Mary has over ten years’ experience working in a Consumer Direct platform and is extremely well versed in just about every loan product, mortgage guideline, client type, and state requirement in today’s market place. Her financial analytical skills and vast mortgage knowledge allow her to provide the maximum benefit to her clients while explaining every aspect of their loan structure in an easily understood manner. Her relentless positivity allows her to excel as a leader and as a problem solver for her clients and her teammates at TFSB.

Outside of work, Mary has a philosophy of “work hard – play hard”. Maintaining a balance of work, play, physical health, and quality relationships is what helps keep her energy and passion at extremely high levels. She values her family and circle of close friends, most of whom she’s known from childhood. She loves traveling to new destinations, spending time outdoors, and watching and playing sports. She also enjoys trying new activities; some of her latest hobbies include riding her motorcycle, flying drones, bikram yoga and mixed martial arts.

“Mary was an absolute lifesaver! I am so appreciative of her knowledge and sense of urgency for my case. Should I know anyone in need of a loan officer she will be my only recommendation. I will always be grateful for her professionalism and ability to communicate clearly about my process. Thank you so much Mary!!!”

-Rovel R