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Shawn O’Brien was born in Western Pennsylvania, grew up in Southern California, and made his long-standing home in Southern Nevada. He has spent the last 12 years in residential lending and held the positions of Account Executive, Loan Officer, Loan Processor, and Branch Operations Manager. Prior to the lending industry, Shawn was a 9-year seasoned manager for the world’s largest retailer and Fortune 500 Company. In retail he learned and developed numerous skills such as customer service, consumer communications, budgeting, teamwork, finance, human resource development and training, and the importance of listening to people’s needs and desires. These lessons and experiences helped Shawn prepare for a successful career in Mortgage Lending.

With over 21 years of customer service excellence, a diverse knowledge of lending guidelines, and a strong work ethic, Shawn is a person who has what it takes to ‘Git-R-Done’! He understands you need to treat people the way they want to be treated, to listen and respect everyone, and is best known for his personal principles to Under Promise and Over Deliver for his clients and peers. He prides himself on knowing that he has helped hundreds of veterans and seniors find the best loan program for their situation and is especially happy when he assists in life changing transactions.

Shawn currently lives in Las Vegas with his wife of 16 years and his three children. He enjoys spending his free time with his family. Most weekends Shawn and his wife can be found outdoors exploring in their Jeep, hiking, camping, or visiting Nana and Papa with the grandkids. Shawn passed his love of animals on to his children. They include their Boxer dog ‘Dexter’ in most family activities.