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Jordan Jones is originally from Huntington Beach, California. He studied at La Sierra University where he earned his degree in Business Management. Jordan has always enjoyed making a positive impact on people’s lives, and that passion is what led him from the fitness industry to the mortgage industry.

Jordan comes to The Federal Savings Bank with over 4 years of industry experience. Jordan attributes most of his success in his role to his determination and selflessness, which come naturally to him after coming over from the fitness industry. Jordan is always motivated to find the best possible solution for each one of his clients. He doesn’t stop at any potential obstacle, simply because he knows how big of an investment this is for people. Jordan also prides himself on being honest and transparent throughout every step that he and his clients take on this journey. This only takes any stress and confusion off their shoulders. Jordan is beyond ecstatic to start making a positive impact on people’s lives here at the Bank!

Jordan currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his fiancé, Rhea. They are dog parents to Champ Chief and cat parents to Chloe. In his free time, Jordan can be found working out, taking hikes or unwinding while watching sports.