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Perry Silverman has an immense amount of mortgage banking experience. He attended college in New York where he earned a B.S in business and psychology, along with a minor in communications. Perry has always enjoyed helping others, so making the move to this industry made perfect sense to him.

Perry brings 35+ years of industry experience to us here at The Federal Savings Bank. He has gained incredibly valuable knowledge from multiple positions within the industry. He has personally closed over 3,500 mortgage loan transactions and to his credit, maintains a pull-through ratio of 96%. Perry credits his continued success in his ability to listen intently to his clients and taking the necessary time that each case requires. He says that his approach gives him a better understanding of his client’s financial goals.

Throughout the entire journey with the customer, Perry also makes sure to maintain an open and transparent line of communication with them, as it only provides clarity and helps them feel more at ease and eager to cooperate. Anybody who has the opportunity to work with Perry is in great hands.

In his free time, Perry enjoys spending time with family and friends, enjoys outdoor sports, the beach and the nice weather. You can also find him contributing to or volunteering for any number of causes, such as human rights, animal welfare, education, and C.U.R.B. (Citizens United to Remove Barriers), an organization that provides assistance to individuals who are physically challenged.