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Born and raised in the south, Robert has carried over his southern hospitality into the financial industry. At such a young age, he developed a passion for people and changed lives through his leadership. Robert’s father was a veteran and his mother is a teacher; he unconsciously developed traits from both professions that have prepared him for a long career with The Federal Savings Bank.

Graduating from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in International Business Marketing gave Robert the necessary qualifications to enter into the banking industry. After graduation, he moved up north to work for another bank prior to transitioning to his current position with The Federal Savings Bank.

Robert’s motto is to change lives one mortgage at a time. He wants to make life more affordable by providing the best programs with the utmost customer service. He can assure you that if he can help you; he will. As much as he tires try to suppress his southern hospitality while on the job, it’s hard for to hide it from all his clients. He has a heart for people, and if an opportunity arises he will do his best to make sure the next person has it!