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Tammy Domenic began her career in the mortgage industry in 1998. She quickly proved herself in the industry as a results-driven, client advocate. Tammy worked for several years prior to reinventing herself when the market crashed.   After such, Tammy opened a company that assisted clients with whom had a hardship of not being able to make their mortgage payments.  The service provided negotiating on short sales, loan modifications, and deed in lieu of foreclosure to help the clients get out of the financial strain of not being able to afford their home.  As the market corrected itself Tammy then reentered the Banking/Mortgage industry with enthusiasm of providing a service that would allow clients to be able to afford homeownership once again.

Tammy’s clients include those purchasing a home, building a home and/or homeowners looking to refinance to minimize their monthly payment and increase their cash flow or to simply do upgrades to their current home.  She prides herself on her ability to help all clients.  Commitment, responsiveness, and passion to get things right the first time sets her apart from the competition.

Tammy has a huge military family with whom she loves and adores.  With having family members who have served in every branch, she takes pride and joy in making sure she treats all her clients with the love and care that she would give to her own family.  Tammy enjoys the great outdoors and is a passionate world traveler with an interest in historical sites. She has travelled to over 20 countries. Tammy firmly believes these experiences help her relate and connect with people from all different cultures and backgrounds.