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Chris Horn is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and attended the Ohio University. Service to others is what his parents instilled in him and it is the reason why he chose the profession of mortgage lending; because it allows him to help people accomplish their goals.

Chris has been in the mortgage industry for well over 10 years. Throughout his career, he has been a top loan officer with well above average service to the industry and his clients. Chris has received well over 100 plus awards and certificates for his service in the industry: and top-notch reviews throughout his career. With a positive attitude, relentless effort, and always paying his blessings forward as there is nothing Chris will not do to help his clients achieve their financial goals. Faith, family, and friends are what keeps him going. Chris’ work ethic consists of good habits, no shortcuts, prayer, and always putting others first! He works and leads with a client-first mentality and it has led him to some great achievements in his life that he is very thankful for. Yet, his greatest achievement is helping others win, and to Chris seeing others happy means more to him than anything else.

Chris currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Chris comes from a veteran family, his father severed in The United State Marine Corp and his two brothers also have severed in The Untied States Airforce and The United States Army. Outside of work, he loves to play chess and pitch horseshoes. Chris loves great music so when he is not working, a game of chess over some Pink Floyd or Marvin Gaye is a great night to him. Having studied politics in college, Chris has a great passion for history. Last, but not least his faith is the cornerstone of his foundation; 2nd Timothy 1:7 is his go to verse. Chris’s daily affirmation pray through what you go through; because prayer is power.