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Nate Benton graduated from the University of Vermont with a Degree in Business Administration, concentrating in Finance and Accounting, with a minor in Economics. During college, Nate began working in real estate within his local community. This curiosity of the industry motivated him to seek out a bigger market, and he settled on Raleigh, NC for the prospect of the city’s growth potential. With his background in Finance and Real Estate, a career in mortgage lending made sense, and Nate found himself with The Federal Savings Bank shortly after moving to the area.

After joining The Federal Savings Bank, Nate worked with 3 members of The Federal Savings Bank’s Chairman’s Club who specialized in VA, Construction, and FHA products respectively. With the tutelage of each, Nate has found a niche in the VA and Investor space where his background matches well with this area. Nate knows how difficult and confusing the loan process can be, which is why Nate prides himself on his ability to effectively communicate with his clients throughout each step of the journey they take together.

Born in New Hampshire and raised in Vermont, Nate has a strong connection to the country’s Northeast Region.  You can always get him to chime in on the state of Celtics Basketball, get a great mountain “bed and breakfast” recommendation for your next trip north, and will debate you to exhaustion on why syrup from Vermont is the best on the continent, if not in the world. That being said, Nate plans to set roots down in Wake County, NC for years to come and build his team and his brand in the local community.