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Prior to joining the Federal Savings Bank, Van Tran graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Finance. During his collegiate years, Van was always actively involved in banking, where he built numerous relationships with individuals at RogersCasey and Smith Barney, as well as serving an apprenticeship under renowned financial expert Terry Savage (CNN, NBC, CNBC, Oprah!).

The experience Van gained at these firms has been invaluable to his success at the Federal Savings Bank today. ‘The financial crisis of 2008 has shown what happens when corporate greed takes priority over ethics, and I am determined to serve my clients with their best interests in mind, as opposed to some benefit of monetary value’. Countless client referrals and repeat business are proof of Van’s philosophy that client satisfaction is the most important business practice.

Van is a resident of Los Angeles, where he enjoys working out, investing in the markets, and spending time outside with his three dogs.