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Meet our Advisors


At The Federal Savings Bank we believe that expertise comes from all sorts of places. That’s why we have established different advisor boards to assist us with having a holistic and accurate understanding of our communities and clients, so we can better help them find a place called home.


Military Advisors

We want to go beyond our very own expertise as a veteran-owned and operated bank. Our Military Advisory Board provides an outside point of view and perspective regarding our industry, to close the loop and provide a meaningful service to our military and veteran communities.

Learn more about our Military Advisory Board here.

First Responders

Keeping our local communities safe is as important as keeping our country safe. That’s why we created a First Responders Advisory Board to help us understand how we can better help firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and other professionals in this field achieve their homeownership goals.

Learn more about our First Responder Advisory Board here.