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Tatyhana Quinones takes pride in the company that she works for and wanted to tell you a little bit about herself and her “why” behind her motivation to help you. She is a single mom to a 7-year-old little girl named Amayiah. Tatyhana’s success is her daughter’s success. She completed her four-year undergraduate degree program from THE Ohio State University with her daughter by her side in Columbus, OH (GO BUCKEYES!). They then transitioned back to Cleveland, OH after graduation where she was able to start her post-grad career here at The Federal Savings Bank. At the end of the day, helping you, helps her, help her daughter. She takes pride in her ability to be a great mother and that flows directly into her work ethic. She is nurturing, understanding and empathetic.

With Tatyhana’s empathic, understanding, and attentive personality, her clients place their complete trust in her abilities to guide them through the mortgage process. Tatyhana brings a unique perspective and experience to each client by making the process as stress-free as possible with direct and consistent communication throughout the entire process. She takes pride in treating clients like family and making sure they feel their needs are being met and understood at all times.

Outside of work, Tatyhana enjoys dancing to Latin music, spending time with her family, and most importantly, spending lots of quality time with her daughter Amayiah. When she isn’t dancing or spending time with family, she is traveling with them. Some of her favorite places she has traveled to are Germany, Iceland, and Puerto Rico.