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Upen Patel

Senior Vice President


  • Veteran Lending Specialist
  • FHA 203k Specialist
  • Chairman's Club
    2021, 2022
Upen Patel is a Senior Vice President at The Federal Savings Bank, Vienna, Virginia. Upen has been a long time resident of the Washington DC area and has been actively involved in the DC real estate market. He graduated from The University of Texas – McCombs School of Business with an MBA. After graduating, Upen spend several years as a Management Consultant advising and assisting Fortune 500 clients. He left the corporate world to pursue his entrepreneurial passion and launched his startup focused on mobile payment.

Upen was passionate about the high payment transaction costs to merchants, and the impact it has on society as a whole. Upen brings the same passion and caring to his Mortgage Banking position. Upen understands the complexities, frustration and anxiety the loan process brings to new home buyers. Upen’s consulting background, companionate nature and passion to help others is what sets him apart.

Outside of work, Upen keeps busy with his son’s baseball team, completing the "honey do" list, hitting a few golf balls, and spending time with family and friends.


Upen is an exceptional loan officer.

- Amitoj S
Upen saved this deal several times when it was in jeopardy due to external events. He worked as hard as anyone I have ever seen!

- Anthony S
Upen and his team are wonderful. I will always recommend him.

- Catrina M
We are very thankful to Mr. Upen Patel for his expertise, knowledge, availability, hard work and support to help us get the loan that gave us the opportunity to buy a house of our dreams. We truly appreciate it, and will definitely recommend him and the bank to friends for their loan. Thank. Mr. Upen Patel.

- Clarice S
Mr. Upen Patel was very helpful and professional.

- Curtis M
Upen Patel was outstanding! Great customer service, effective communication, always provides quick response to all questions and made the overall process very smooth from the beginning to end.

- Dagmawi A
Thank you for great service. We look forward to working with you for future mortgage needs.

- Dalwinder S
Upen, Ashtin, and Jennifer were all incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Our family was ready to give up on our home search on account of financial issues, but Upen pulled through for us and helped us find a special loan that met our needs. Highly satisfied with the whole process!

- Daniel D
Upen Patel is an exceptional professional and performing at an exceedingly high level. He is an expert in this field and excellent to work with.

- Eric W
Always a pleasure working with you.

- Ernest M
Great service and smooth transaction with Upen! We liked the way he was upfront, told us he can get our loan done and got it done! 5 big stars!!!

- Fahad R
Upen and team were awesome! There were delays with what I am guessing is due to a large volume of transactions but overall it was a smooth closing process.

- Francisco R
Upen was great to work with, makes the process extremely easy and has the knowledge and experience to overcome unanticipated roadblocks.

- Francisco R
Smooth transaction from start to finish, Upen Patel not only provides excellent service but he also provides useful guidance during the home buying process. Could not have been happier with the experience!

- Francisco R
Excellent service, great communication; could not have asked for a better experience. Thanks!

- Francisco R
Upen and his team are awesome, they work through the challenges and gave excellent customer support.

- Francisco R
Thank you Upen, we appreciate all you and The Federal Savings Bank did for us.

- Henry T
Upen is amazing. I've already referred a few friends to him.

- James L
Upen is great. Week before closing all my loan paperwork was ready to go.

- Jitendrakumar P
Excellent customer service!

- Joshua H
Upen is easy to work with as he is quick to reply, patient with all questions asked, and very knowledgeable about all the different types of loans available. I bought my home with his help and contacted him again for a VA IRRL loan that also closed well.

- Kalyanii K
Upen is one of the most important members of my real estate investment team, he thinks outside the box and is solution focused. One of the best

- Kent B
Always great to work with. One of the best! Thanks Upen!

- Kent B
Always A+ service from Upen. Will use him again!

- Kent B
Always great to work with Upen.

- Kent B
Mr. Patel was very professional, knowledgeable, effective communicator, and ensured that the loan worked out in my best interest. I am very grateful to have had him as my loan officer/banker. Thank you for everything!

- Lakisha H
Upen did an excellent job in helping me get the loan.

- Leo P
Great service provided by Upen Patel.

- Linly R
Upen was amazing! I hope we can meet him sometime and treat him to dinner! He really made a dream come true for us!

- Mark F
Upen made it happen! He has expert knowledge of the process, loan options, and very attentive to my questions. Has all the right solutions to any complications that abound during the loan process. Highly recommended.

- Marlon R
Mr. Upen Patel really knows what he is doing. Beside having an outstanding knowledge of the profession, he is teacher, a mentor and a very good advisor. I'm so glad I had to work with him to get the keys to my first house. PS: If you want to buy a house and you have no clue where to start, get in touch with The Federal Savings Bank. I assure you that by the end of the process you will become a loan savvy and a new homeowner. Again, thank you Upen for your 24/7 availability.

- Martine M
Upen Patel is my loan originator. Very knowledgeable. Great experience.

- Max T
Upen and his team processed three transactions with precision, professionalism and five star customer service.

- Michael P
Where do I begin singing the praises of Upen Patel? It would be impossible for me to articulate in words just how wonderful of a professional he is but more importantly how great of a person he is. I have known him now for over three years and dealing with him has been an absolute pleasure. He is a man of integrity, honesty and sincerity and that is RARE to find in a human being especially currently. What Upen says he delivers. It is that simple. I found him through a referral and even though his recommendation and reviews were stellar, I still wanted to see for myself because who really measures up to all the fanfare when it comes down to it? Upen does. That's who. My wife and I have a unique situation in that we have been looking for some time now and have experienced losing out in bidding wars on multiple homes in addition to losing two homes that we were under contract because of appraisal issues. Through ALL these experiences Upen was right there with us, in the trenches doing all that he could to help us get to the finish line. I can honestly say that Upen and The Federal Savings Bank were the only positive, properly functioning facets of those two lost homes. Whatever was needed in those circumstances from the banking end was signed, sealed and delivered. I wish I could say that about the agents, lawyers and all the other pieces involved in a real estate transaction. It could be 10pm at night and if I needed a question answered, something to be explained or just some therapy to help with the stress of buying a home, Upen was there. I always could get in touch with him whether by phone, text or email. I never felt alone or put on an island by him. When it comes to what is potentially the biggest financial expenditure you will make in your lifetime you want someone who is on your side, guiding you, advising you and you want to be able to fully trust that person with one hundred percent conviction. That person for us was Upen Patel. Eventually we found another home, got it under contract and finally closed the deal. Once again it was with Upen as our banker, doing what he does best delivering, excelling, performing and producing for his clients like a superstar. By the time we entered into the third contract on the third home I did not consider Upen our banker anymore because at this point and after all we had been through together and all he did for us I felt he was a friend. I spoke to him no differently than how I speak to my closest friends or family members, that is what happens when you fully trust someone and when that person is salt of the earth and is top notch in their field of expertise. Obviously, from what you are reading I can not recommend this man enough for all of your banking needs. He is rare, unique, extremely intelligent, great at what he does and has a perfect temperament to deal with anxious people like myself especially when it comes to such a large purchase as your first residence. Last thing, HIRE THIS MAN and you will be counting your lucky stars that you did.

- Michael T
Upen did an amazing job with keeping me informed and giving me knowledge that I wasn't sure of when it cam to my loan and the process! Thank you!

- Miesha T
Upen was a great resource for this entire process.

- Nicholson C
Upen was excellent! He was great to work with putting together the loan for our recent home refinance in Virginia. He was very helpful through our entire process. He answered every question we had. Upen also cares about you and wants the best for you, he was great and I will recommend him to friends and family!

- Niraj B
Upen was very good and professional. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. I would recommend him to any other friends or family.

- Paul C
Upen was great!

- Paul E
It was outstanding.

- Priyanka P
Upen was fantastic. I am a customer for life!

- Quanda A
Upen worked till the end to ensure that our loan closed on time. The process itself is frustrating-waiting until days before to verify credit. It seems like this part can be improved. I don't think our loan would of closed on time with a different banker. We appreciate the extra steps Upen and his team took to make it happen.

- Rebecca W
Upen is very knowledgeable and I like the products he offered. I'll work with him again.

- Stephanie B
We've been very fortunate Upen Patel facilitated our refinance. From start to finish our experience has been smooth. Upen is the consummate professional and a great communicator, so it's been a real pleasure and benefit for us.

- Stephanie K
Upen is super awesome. He has been an absolute God send to me and my family's personal finances over the past few years. Thanks Upen!

- Travis C
Upen Patel was simply outstanding as my banker!

- Vikrant B