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Dominick Decicco

Vice President


The decision to purchase or refinance a home is an important one. Of equal importance is the selection of a mortgage officer. A detailed-oriented Mortgage Officer with honesty and integrity is of concern. Dominick has earned the reputation for quick loan approvals while developing long lasting rapport with his clients. He works diligently and passionately to create an exceptional experience for his customers that is enjoyable, valuable, and memorable. You can feel assured that you are entrusting the largest financial commitment of your life to one of the most highly qualified and ethical loan officers in the nation.

The Federal Savings Bank is one of the largest privately held mortgage banks in the country. As a veteran owned and operated, FDIC insured bank, the entire lending process is completed in-house. We originate, process, underwrite, and fund loans with our own reserves. This allows our originators the ability to offer their clients a wide array of home financing options while maintaining that local banking feel. Our goal is to provide 100% client satisfaction and to be your Mortgage Banker for life. Dominick is known for his outstanding customer service ratings and has ranked best in class for most of his career. In addition, you are guaranteed to be working with the most experienced Loan Officer in the business. Dominick has been in the business more than 20 years, and during this time he has personally helped thousands of families close on their dream home. He is a graduate of Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, with honors.

Dominick is married to his college sweetheart Amber, a nurse, and together raised their son Patrick, a paramedic firefighter. When he is not at work, he enjoys working “hands on” with charities in his community and spending time with his extended family.


Thank you Dominick! You have been thorough and great to work with. You put up with our whining and answered all of our questions and doubts in a timely manner - we appreciate everything!!

- Alyson S
Went through without a hitch! We are so appreciated Dominick and everything you did but mostly for putting up with us.

- Alyson S
I was informed by the professor to go to Dominick with my questions which was easy because he made every effort to get answers to me in a timely manner. Thank you.

- Anthony P
I enjoyed working with my agent Dominick Decicco. He was very helpful and kept in touch with me throughout the process. Made sure I understood every process we went through to complete. I will recommend The Federal Savings Bank to others.

- Bobbie J.
Dominick was and is very good st what he does. God's speed and enjoyed working with him. Thank you for everything!

- Bonnie S
Have a great year

- Carl K
You have not only been the consummate professional but also an upfront, kind gentle person to talk to and I sincerely appreciate that. Thank you for all of your help on this.

- Cary C.
Thank you for everything you have done for us with this mortgage. You did everything “first class” and I appreciate it very much.

- Cary C
Mr. Decicco was wonderful. If not for him I doubt I would've even taken the next step after my first call. I liked him so much, I referred my neighbor to him.

- Cary C
Dominick DeCicco was very professional and easy to work with. He worked hard to get us the best rate possible and we really appreciate him for that.

- Craig R
My load specialist Dominic was terrific kept me informed from the beginner till the closing of the mortgage.

- Daniel C
Dominick is a Mortgage Wizard! I had the misfortune of dealing with several lenders prior to coming back to The Federal Savings Bank and it was a nightmare. Dom, the professional that he is, was straight forward and got things done immediately. Again. When and if I re-fi, sell or buy another home, it’s Dom,The Federal Savings Bank and no one else.

- David H
Dominick Decicco was a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend him to anyone.

- David O
I want to say how happy I am that we were paired up with you for our refinance! You are very good at what you do and are to be commended for the way you work with and treat your clients. I/we never felt as though we were just another client but as if we were your only and most important client!

- Debbie K
Dominick thank you. You and Crissy Jacobson were a pleasant to work with the process of the loan. Wishing you and Crissy a very happy new year and all God Blessings.

- Diane
Dear Dom I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and concern. Please forgive me when it seemed as if I lost faith in your ability. I apologize. I know I can afford to water proof my house and install gutters. Again thank you and your staff. I plan to continue to improve my finances. I have a great start because of you. Thank you. I have a great start toward improving my finances and enjoying better interest rates. I have a great interest rate on my home now and am able to live a more peaceful financial life. Thank you so very much.

- Doris L
You have been fantastic and responsive. I would recommend you to anyone. You are the greatest.

- Earl K
Very professional regarding all aspects of the process.

- Francis S
Dominick Decicco is the best! He's efficient, timely, knowledgeable and pleasant.

- Francis S
Dominick has been extremely helpful, going above and beyond to get me the terms I was looking for. I will definitely use his services again.

- Freddie P
Thank you for everything! You and your team made this whole process so much easier. I’ll be using your company again in the future. Thanks again!

- Freddie P
Again, thank you so very much for helping us with the refinancing of our home.

- George and Jane S
Very professionally done! Thank you!

- George S
Overall good experience with The Federal Savings Bank!

- Hans M
Dominic is amazing.

- Jack S
Dominic was excellent.

- James P
Thank you for your efforts Dominick. I appreciate you.

- James W.
We have a bottle of Glenlivet - ready to be consumed when all of this is completed. Wish you both could join us!

George and I thank you both for all you've done to help this happen!

- Jane and George S.
They were fast, professional and most importantly had the answers to all my questions.

- Jesus L.
Thank you again. You were great and a pleasure to do business with. Thank you again.

- Jill O
Dominick and Erica were phenomenal. They were both knowledgeable and answered any questions we had and always got back to us in a timely manner. we were very impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. We hope to be able to refinance again in the future with The Federal Savings again. I know we will be able to trust both Dominick and Erica and The Federal Savings Bank. Thanks again.

- John K
Our experience through this process was made really quite stress-less mostly by Dominic and also his assistant Erica! Without them, we would never have considered going through this process and program.

- John K
The process was very easy.

- John M
Dominick is awesome, he always takes care of me and my family. I will recommend him to anyone who is looking to purchase a house. Thanks Dominick Decicco for all you do!

- John S
This was the best team and getting new loan was great. Please give Dominick Decicco high praise for great job and being their when I needed help.

- Jon V
An error in the loan amount was made. It delayed the closing by a week. The loan officer worked past midnight one day to correct the paperwork so the loan would close before the mortgage payment was due. That was outstanding customer service and I'm very grateful for his commitment.

- Karen G
Dominick is awesome at what he does...he's always full of energy and we loved his enthusiasm at what he does and he was an absolute professional. Thank Dominick.

- Kerry L.
Dominick Decicco is a wonderful mortgage banker. He explains things very clearly and ensures the client is kept informed on all status throughout the entire process. This is the second time I have worked with Dominick on refinancing and both times have been a very good experience. I will highly recommend The Federal Savings Bank and Dominick to friends and family. Please give Dominick a special thanks.

- Lester W
I would like to commend Mr. Dominick DeCicco for his professionalism and knowledge during my mortgage loan experience with The Federal Savings Bank. Up to this time I was reluctant to do this type of financial loan or transaction using e-mail and telephone. I guess I'm a little old fashion when it comes to this type of business especially when it involves my personal resources. With the expertise and trusted professionalism of Mr. DeCicco, I felt an immediate sense of trust and security. My experience exceeded my expectations. Please give Mr. Dominick DeCicco my personal thanks for providing me with a good, trusting experience with your financial institution.

- Lester W
We LOVE Dominic. He always keeps great communication. Explains every thing to your understanding. He Makes sure that you are comfortable with what is going on. it is almost like getting a back massage, because when you are dabbling with your HOME with someone far away, it makes you nervous. Dominic, in handling your house business is like getting a back rub. We have appreciated his service and attention. My wife and I feel, like Dominic is our next door neighbor, and friend. WE TRUST HIM, and my wife and I thank him.

- Londell H
Dominic is awesome he needs a raise. Very professional, and he makes things happen. I never had to chase him, through the whole process. I am a disabled veteran from the gulf war era. Thanks for being there for vets that truly deserve quality service.

- Lowell T.
Thank you very much, I appreciate your hard work!!!

- Mark B
We are very satisfied with the whole transaction. Speed, knowledge and great customer service. Thank you.

- Marvin L
I am pleased with the service from the loan manager. He kept me up to date on the processing of my loan and answered all of my questions and problems. Very patient and understanding.

- Mary E
Thank you and Sarah for all your support.

- Mary E.
Very satisfied. I felt that I was treated with the utmost respect. Something I really belive in.

- Michael D
What an excellent experience. Dominick made this a seamless process.

- Michael H.
Dominick is awesome. Could not have had a better banker!

- Michael L
Dominic is a great Mortgage Banker. He is very personable and a very great communicator, I will recommend him to anyone.

- Michael M
Thank You!

- Michael T
Thanks for everything that you did for us. I made sure to fill out the survey sent to me. You took real good care of me and everything that you did and said came true. What a great experience I had. Thank you very much.

- Mike H.
Very satisfied with the process.

- Monty V.
Thank you for making this process as easy as possible.

- Myra G
I would just like to say thank you for the great opportunity that your company has offered me. This process was done so quick and stress free that I would do it again if I had to. Thank you again.

- Pedro S
Dominick was great. I appreciate everything he did for us. He was timely and very punctual in communications. I wish this bank was closer to home.

- Phillip C.
Dominick DeCicco was truly amazing. It was a pleasure to work with him.

- Richard A
We really liked how could do all the signing directly from home.

- Richard H
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Richard K
Dominick outstanding very professional information. He's the best in my opinion.

- Richard K
We have refinanced more than one time in the past he was very professional courteous helpful if he was running for a public position I would vote for him we like all that he has done for us greatly appreciated.

- Richard K
Everyone involved worked very hard to close this transaction.

- Rick S.
Just for your info, what made you special in my view was how you stayed on top of everything so promptly, that's why I felt compelled to show my appreciation. After all we did start a business relationship in Feb. and you stayed on top of it until it was done. Now that was outstanding service.

- Robert F
The person that handled my mortgage did an exceptional job. He went out of his way day or night, weekday or weekend to keep my process rolling along. I was impressed with his level of service. I really need to thank him.

- Robert F
Dom is an outstanding representative. He did a great job of keeping me informed and I look forward to working with him in the future.

- Robert M
It was excellent the service. Appreciate much. Thank you!

- Ronald B
Dominick DeCicco was very polite prompt and dedicated to help us with our needs Thank you Ronald & Shirly.

- Ronald B.
It was a pleasure working with Dominick Decicco.

- Ronald K
Dominic Deciccio was outstanding in every phase of the process. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is eligible for a VA loan.

- Ross J.
Dom has been great through both transactions. He always responds timely to any questions and always keeps you in the loop.

- Stanley B
Thank you so much for everything! You are definitely bad ass at your job and we couldn't be more appreciative!!!

- Stephanie R
We can't thank you enough for working with us through this loan. Anyone else might have shown impatience with us but you where there, on our side all the way. And now we have a very lovely mortgage payment. A very affordable mortgage payment. This will make our lives so much better. We feel blessed. Thank you so much.

- Teri Z
Very pleased with the whole process.

- Travis L
Thank you, and thanks for always being prompt and on top of things throughout the process. I can tell you are dedicated to doing your job well. Thanks again.

- William P.
This was so easy it had me a little concern. My initial mortgage was a nightmare. Thanks so much for the care and Dominick for answering my questions and addressing my concerns.

- William P.