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Kelli Foster

Senior Vice President


  • Chairman's Club
    2016, 2022
Kelli Foster proudly brings sixteen years of mortgage experience to the Federal Savings Bank. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas and upon graduation, joined the mortgage division for one of the nation’s largest lending institutions. While on the cutting edge of the mortgage industry in a highly competitive environment, Kelli consistently maintained production in the top percentile, receiving accolades for funding units and volume, customer service and loan conversion, as well as served as a mentor for trainees. She has a working knowledge of various mortgage loan products, namely VA, FHA, Conforming and Non-Conforming, and vast experience in applying this knowledge for both purchase and refinance transactions in all fifty states.

In an industry sought with numbers and volume, Kelli brings a unique perspective and experience to each transaction by treating each customer as if it were her only client, and realizing that the work is not done until all goals are accomplished. Her experience has also taught her that serving her client’s needs also includes working with realtors, and all other related parties to the transaction. Kelli realizes the importance of teamwork and manages each transaction with professionalism and attention to detail that is second to none.

In her spare time, Kelli is actively involved in her community and church, dedicating time to women support groups. She grew up in southern California and since moving to Arizona 16 years ago has developed a love for the outdoors. Kelli enjoys time spent with her husband and two dogs. She and her husband just welcomed their daughter to the world in November 2020.


Kelli did an outstanding job working with me to complete the VA loan on our house here in Cheyenne. I was very impressed that she acknowledged when she received my email and phone calls. She was very responsive to any of my questions and her answers gave me an understanding of the question


- Beverly and Ellwyn T
Great experience from first contact through closing. Rates nobody else could touch, a painless process for me, I just had to sign on the dotted line!

- Daniel W.
Kelli Foster was the first person I talked to. I immediately felt comfortable with her and was very pleased with her in-depth knowledge of the whole mortgage process. She laid out all the details and I could not have been happier with her responsiveness. I think she is one of the very best and I feel fortunate to have her as my representative through the whole process. I hope you realize what a valued employee you have and take good care of her. Thanks for the opportunity to offer my comments.

- Danny D
THANK YOU! The process was great and Kelli Foster was fabulous. She helped resolve a problem I had been addressing for a year. Thank you all.

- Doug B.
My wife and I talked about doing a refinance several weeks ago as the rates continued to set new lows. We began by "web searching" and, by way of several telephone calls, were introduced to Federal Savings Bank. Kelli Vaccaro (Foster) was not our first contact. I exchanged telephone messages with, at least 3 individuals, all of whom were very professional but unequipped to move the ball further.

We decided to table the project due to the numbers of hoops through which we were being asked to leap. We are seniors, with a perfectly good loan (4.75%) and, frankly, too busy to take the time to do another loan application.

Kelli called me one afternoon, quite out of the blue and asked me a very important question; "Do you know what the hard dollar difference is between what you will pay-out on your current loan versus a re-fi at just above 3%?" Yes, I had a pretty good idea, but, like other issues in life, it was not something I wanted to think about. The manner in which she approached the topic was very professional, very clinical. It made me stop and re-think what were doing and we decided to move forward. I wish I could tell you that it was wedding bells and pony rides from there was not. The appraisal stopped us dead.

We, like many others, are in recovery mode from the most recent hiccups in the real estate market. Our home was not underwater, but would not appraise to get us back to the 20%+ equity position we started in seven years ago. Again, we tabled the matter and moved on.

Kelli did everything she could to demonstrate the alternatives but I did not want to carry mortgage insurance and I will not participate in an Escrow relationship; I've always paid my own taxes and insurance.

Not to be denied, Kelli maintained a correspondence relationship with us and a couple of weeks ago, as rates and bonds were making everyone crazy, she called and said, "If you'll agree to a tiny sliver of mortgage insurance, I can place this loan with Chase and they will not require and Escrow account." Bingo. We're on.

Kelli is a staff member who goes about getting business done just the way I like; professionally, confidently and accurately. No uncrossed "t's" nor undotted "i's". You are to be congratulated for recruiting, recognizing and retaining people with her tenacity and passion for getting the job done. This is, likely, the last mortgage that my wife and I will do, unless we have to re-fi at "the home".

We closed yesterday. The package has been returned to your processors and my wife and I are thinking about a pony ride.

Thank you folks for your commitment to Veterans

- Eddie C
I really appreciated working with Kelli. She is a lady of her word and kept me informed all the way! It was a real pleasure dealing with hard and honest working people.

- Elaine T.
Kelli was a pleasure to work with!

- George B
Kelli Foster was fantastic to work with.

- Heather K
I would like to first apologize of my delay in expressing my thoughts on the experience I received from The Federal Savings Bank and especially Kelli Foster. I went into this not having confidence in anyone who stated that they could give me a good deal or appeared to care about me or my financial situation but I needed help in keeping the home I recently purchased. One day I received an advertisement mailing from The Federal Savings Bank and held on to it for about weeks. After deciding to call I was connected to Kelli Foster (not knowing that connection would change my life). I started off by telling Kelly my bad experiences and how I did not trust financial institutions who stated they wanted to help me. Kelli did not try to sell me on what The Federal Savings Bank could do for me she instead directed me to their web site to review their mission as well as invited me to look her accomplishments and reviews she received (she did not try to sell me on anything). After going to the website I thought they looked legitimate but I still had my doubts. I decided to reach out to Kelli and in hind sight that was one of the best decisions I've made. I especially want to comment on a few bumps in the road. First, my mortgage provided was very hard nosed with my financial situation. She fought for me on the telephone (to not avail) but that's when I knew she cared about my situation. I was impressed and started to trust her. I also made her aware of a family situation and I felt she genuinely supported me in my time of need. She always keep me up to date on my loan process and responded to all of my inquiries in a timely manner. She also found a loop hold in my first mortgage that I was not aware of could have stopped this loan from going through but through her hard work and persistence was able to help me. Secondly, I remember telling Kelli that I don't like working with agencies who initially tell you the paper work they need but later come back with additional paper work needed and blame you for the delay in processing the loan. I asked Kelly to please present to me every thing I needed so I can pull thing together as quickly as I could and she did just that. Third, I continued to receive calls from my previous mortgage company about my payment being late (after my loan closed), I gave Kelli a call about this matter and she quickly looked into it and assured me the loan had closed and gave me instructions on how to answer any questions if I receive additional calls. This was a hard time for me and I thought I might lose my home but due to Kelli Foster and The Federal Savings Bank I am able to keep my home. I would recommend your services to anyone not because you have the finances to help people but because you care about people and it shows through your work. I truly thank the Lord for placing Kelli Foster in my path and I know she will continue to succeed because she is professional with a good heart (a rare combination in today times). If I had thousands and thousands of words to express my gratitude I would use them. I hope my sincere appreciation comes through the words I've written. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU THE FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK AND ESPECIALLY THANK YOU KELLI FOSTER. My God continue to bless you.

- Idetta P
This is second time I have had a mortgage transaction with TFSB and Ms. Kelli Foster in past three years and I have been completely satisfied by the great experiences I have had. TFSB/Kelli Foster have far exceeded my expectations and have been able to meet my requirements while my own Federal Credit Union where I have been a member for over 30 years has failed to do so. TFSB/Kelli Foster has not only met my requirements but did so in an incredibly short time and at a minimal expense to myself. Ms. Kelli Foster has made the refinance experience an easy one and has insured the administrative requirements were handled expeditiously. In fact I have thought about writing to my own FCU and told them to simply subcontract all their loan/mortgage work to TFSB since TFSB/Kelli seem to get things done. I am embarrassed by and for my FCU which seems so incompetent when compared to TFSB and Kelli. Thank you so very much for being there and being completely professional. For me, my mortgage needs motto ought to be: "TFSB/Kelli Foster have got this!"

- John A
I cannot adequately described my absolutely positive experience I had with TFSB and Kelli Vaccaro in conducting and closing this refi. I intend to send a separate correspondence to elaborate on my positive grades given in the above survey. Last year I was unable to close on a re-finance mortgage with my Federal Credit Union even though I had banked with them for over 30 years and had substantial savings with them and had had a number of personal loans all completed on time or earlier. For six months I chased the refinance with the FCU and never was able to complete it. So my experience with Kelli and TFSB has been more than a positive one.

- John and Colleen A
Dear Eric:

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased I was with my recent refinance with Federal Savings Bank and especially my dealings with Kelli Vaccaro.

I have been in the service business all my life and I always like to recognize when someone has gone above and beyond to provide outstanding customer service and Kelli was amazing!

We ran into a few rode bumps trying to locate some paperwork for the title company and Kelli was very understanding as I began to get frustrated with the process.

She was very professional at all times and returned all my calls(and believe me there were many calls) in a very timely manner and always with an upbeat and positive attitude.

I believe that you have a valuable employee in Kelli and she made the entire process as easy and manageable as possible.

Thanks for the great rate also!

- Karl O
We also appreciate the continued attention to the loan after closing and understand that we have the ability to refinance at no cost if interest rates go lower. This additional service was completely unexpected.

- Kathy A
Professional and timely service during the entire process. Will continue to recommend to friends and family.

- Mark C.
I think Kelli and her team are great polite and professional.

- Michelle J.
Kelli Foster is super Awesome! If I have to do this all over again I would want her to be the one handling it.

- Nathan and Barbara R
Kelli Foster was outstanding. She was personable, professional, and delivered what she said she was going to deliver. I enjoyed working with her and will contact her for future transactions as well as recommend her to others. Our only issue was with the Notary that was sent out. She did not have us complete all the forms and had to come out the next evening to correct. This could have delayed our closing, but luckily it did not. Otherwise the entire process was easy.

- Ronald L.
Thanks for helping us on our recent re-adjustment on our loan rate. We always enjoy working with you. You have a talent to clearly explain what we are doing over the phone which makes us comfortable.

- Roxanna and Larry H
Kelli Foster was a champion for us and I hope we can do further business together.

- Sergio D
Hi Kelli,
We just wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work to ensure our loan closed on time.  You pushed our signing the closing docs to last Friday, Nov. 9, 2012, and the original loan was paid in full, yesterday, Nov. 14, 2012.  Everything went just the way you said.  However, we know that it was not an easy thing.  It was because of your professionalism and dedication to putting us, the customer first.  It was such a pleasure working with you, and we will recomend you and the federal savings bank to all of our friends.  Please send us a survey, and let us know if we can do anything else.

- Sherwood and Lynda T
Kelli our banker was very helpful, she communicated often and when she said she would. I commend her for her work and thank her doing our VA loan.

- Skip T
Kelli Foster is the greatest!!!

- William R.