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Jordan Oates has built a notable career in real estate and mortgage banking over the last nine years, starting as a realtor in 2015. His sense for the market and dedication quickly set him apart in the field. Jordans career trajectory took a pivotal turn when he began conducting property research for an investor, identifying key investment opportunities and deepening his market knowledge. His move to the mortgage industry was driven by a desire to guide individuals through their mortgage decisions, aiming to ensure they’re well-informed when acquiring new mortgages or restructuring existing ones.

Currently serving as a mortgage banker with The Federal Savings Bank, Jordan applies a thoughtful approach, empowering clients with the necessary insights to navigate their financial choices effectively. Clients appreciate Jordan for his thoroughness and professionalism. He’s committed to tailoring strategies that fit individual financial situations, earning him a reputation as a reliable advisor. His efficiency in managing processes stands out, reflecting his extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry’s complexities. Jordans commitment also extends beyond professional services. He values staying current with industry trends and regulations, ensuring he offers the most relevant advice. Looking forward, Jordan remains focused on the educational aspect of mortgage banking, advocating for a deeper understanding of mortgage decisions’ long-term impact. His track record and dedication to client success position him as a valuable asset to the real estate and mortgage sectors.

Outside of work, Jordan finds balance and enjoyment in skateboarding, mountain biking, spending time with his girlfriend and their three dogs Dani, Ted and Olivia.