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Jalen Clemmons. was born Arizona and has spent his entire life there. He attended high school, as well as college, in Gilbert, Arizona. Jalen has completed two years’ worth of college and one of his biggest desires is to enroll back into school to finish the remaining required classes to obtain a bachelor’s degree. The main course(s) in which he thoroughly participated yet also enjoyed were Psychology and Film.

Jalen comes to us here at The Federal Savings Bank with over two whole years of experience. Jalen firmly believes that he has found his passion and career choice in this industry. He achieved licensing in an honorable fashion and received an amazing education in Mortgages. Jalen has always enjoyed working with people, being a reliable source and most of all, helping them get closer to their dreams. Jalen prides himself on being patient, hardworking, and extremely caring. Despite being in this industry for over two years, he has over six years of customer service experience as well. So, at a very young age, Jalen found himself in jobs that related to being a Mortgage Banker, thus making his transition to this industry a no-brainer. Helping people is a passion of Jalen’s that will always be there, and he is beyond excited to continue to do so here with us!

Jalen currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jalen enjoys being outdoors, as well as being active in his community. You can find Jalen going on hikes, attending concerts, and also making music of his own in his free time. He has also taken up the craft of producing Electronic Dance Music, a hobby he has had over the last 4 years. Jalen also enjoys spending times with friends and family as they are a major source of happiness for him.