Derek Harada Photo

Derek Harada

Mortgage Banker


Derek completed his bachelor's degree at Arizona State University. Derek Harada started originating loans in 2003 for one of the largest mortgage lenders in the country. After the housing collapse, he decided to return to college to pursue his master's degree before returning to the mortgage business as his passion has always been assisting homeowners with the mortgage process. Fast forward 16 years, he now assists Veterans and homeowners alike with identifying the most beneficial financial solutions available to them. His deep appreciation and respect for Veterans has helped him to become one of the most trusted, respected and successful mortgage bankers in the country. Derek's upbringing and closeness with both of his late grandfathers who served in the United States military have allowed him to cultivate a deep appreciation for the sacrifice of those who have served our country.

Throughout his career Derek has continuously been recognized by leadership and customers for his level of commitment and compassion. He loves assisting customers with identifying creative strategies to maximize the benefit of their new home loan. Derek’s ability to listen and understand every customer's unique scenario to provide the best financial advice available simply cannot be surpassed. Derek's customers can find comfort knowing that they are good hands working with a mortgage banker who can apply the highest level of service, knowledge, education, and excellence. He’s available to quickly identify the most beneficial financial solutions available and assist his customers through the mortgage process to secure the most advantageous loan available to them based on their unique financial needs.

Derek grew up in a small town in Iowa and appreciates strong family values. He currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona and has a passion for helping others and values his time with loved ones. In his spare time enjoys time with his son, cooking, riding his Harley Davidson, and being outdoors. Derek is the proud father of a 16-year-old son who is recognized nationally for both his successes on the golf course as well as in the classroom.