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Chicago, IL. (February 5 2023)  –  The Federal Savings Bank is proud to announce that Alejandra Denda, its Chief Marketing Officer, has shared her insights on the importance of diversity in the business world. In an exclusive interview with Authority Magazine, Denda emphasizes the positive impact that diversity can have on a company and in the mortgage industry.

Denda shares more on her journey in the multicultural marketing field. Her enrollment at Harvard University’s master’s degree in International Marketing confirmed her beliefs in “the importance of multicultural learning and how diverse backgrounds and cultures drive better results.”

For instance, reaching out to the Latino homebuyers in the U.S. is critical for the mortgage industry. She claims that “while Latinos are predicted to account for 70% of homeownership growth over the next 20 years, that increase isn’t guaranteed because the industry needs to create a more conducive environment for first-time homebuyers, especially for communities of color.”

Denda shares some of the efforts that The Federal Savings Bank has made in that regard, especially when building the Spanish version of the company’s website: “we built it from the ground up, choosing the words and content we believe are most likely to connect and help Latinos based on their understanding of the homebuying journey.”

“When marketing to Latinos, it’s important not to assume they understand concepts many U.S.-born homebuyers take for granted, such as the value of building credit or that it’s possible to purchase homes with no money down,” says Denda. This effort, along with the help of our Bilingual bankers, make The Federal Savings Bank an ideal place to help Hispanic borrowers achieve their homeownership dreams.

Denda also explains how and why increased diversity helps a company’s bottom line in several ways such as being more connected, innovative, resilient, have better talent, and manage risks better.

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