Victoria Smallwood Photo

Victoria Smallwood

Mortgage Banker


  • VA Loan Specialist
Victoria Smallwood graduated from Grantham University, receiving an associate degree in business management and a bachelor’s in business administration. Coming from a military background in her family, her mother, grandfather, and extended family who have served, she learned the importance of discipline, motive, and work ethic. Whether it’s working full time in school and being able to graduate at the top of her class or diving into a project she has never seen before, Victoria is determined to not only succeed but excel in everything in front of her to the best of her abilities.

Being relatively new in the financial industry, Victoria is determined to succeed and become a productive mortgage banker for those looking for a home. Victoria’s passionate perspective on determination and work ethic in the face of new things has reflected well in her career and will only continue when working with people to give them the home of their dreams.

Born and raised in Maryland, Victoria still resides in the Baltimore area where she enjoys a range of activities and hobbies from all thing’s cars, repairs, DIY jobs, driving four-wheelers, and anything that can get her hands dirty. Victoria is determined and never shy of a challenge, always ready and driven to do anything she puts her mind to. Victoria continuously tries to learn new things, expand her knowledge and expertise in hopes to become the best person she can possibly be. Giving her customers the satisfaction of owning their home is something she will work endlessly hard on and ensure that the process is fluid and successful.