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Ready to see how much money you can save on your monthly mortgage payment?

Buying a Home

You made it!  You're taking the first step to buying a home - finding a trusted mortgage bank.  At The Federal Savings Bank, we focus on providing a path to home ownership through residential lending.  Our experienced mortgage bankers customize your home-buying experience to make your home purchase simple.

Tips for Homebuyers

Our first step on this path is to educate you, the customer. Whether you are buying your first or 10th home, or an investment property, we believe that a better-educated customer is a better customer. Period. With this in mind, we want to educate you about the entire home buying process – not only mortgage financing. Take a look at our Tips for Homebuyers. Information about our most popular mortgage programs also is just a click away.

Information Tailored to You

Next, please tell us who you are, so that we can share tailored information with you.

If you’re ready to begin your journey to home ownership, you can apply online, or talk with a mortgage banker at .