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William Lyons

Senior Vice President


William Lyons graduated college in Maryland with a degree in Business Management and a double minor in Marketing and International Business. Upon obtaining his degree, William began his extensive career in mortgage lending and financial services. While living in Maryland, he began his career as a Loan Officer, focusing on helping the veteran community gain access to their VA benefits for home loans. He later joined the Nashville team where he continues to build his career as a talented and reliable Mortgage Banker.

With ample years of mortgage lending experience, William uses his knowledge and expertise to customize an optimal mortgage, tailored to achieve each of his clients’ financial goals. Having assisted hundreds of clients, William understands how confusing the mortgage process can be and he works hard to walk each client through the process in an organized and efficient manner. Because of his extensive knowledge of available programs, problem solving skills and steadfast commitment to customer service, William will ensure you receive superior guidance as you pursue one of the most personal investments of your lifetime.

William resides in Bethesda, Maryland. He has a passion for sports, specifically football, basketball and golf. Combining his love for fitness and commitment to good health, William can be found most mornings in the gym or running.


Will was great. He was patient with me and really explained a lot. Friendly, smart. Just an outstanding person. Thank you for him.

Very pleasant experience, happy to do business with a veteran friendly bank.

- Darrell P
Thank you so much Will, I am very happy with what you have done for us on our mortgage. Hope to work with you again sometime on another loan.

I truly plan to share my awesome experience with others. Mr. Lyons phone call was like God was calling from heaven. We couldn't believe we actually had this phone call letting us know of the help that was offered to us. Mr. Lyons followed us thru the whole process. It was truly amazing!. The knowledge he has, the personality, kindness, very prompt to get back to you if you contact him with a question, an the Honesty during the whole process calmed the soul! We're so overwhelmed of his expertise, and assurance of the loan. He is truly the BEST!. Thank you William Lyons along with The Federal Savings Bank.

- David M
Will Lyons was a true professional and kept us up to speed during the entire transaction.

- Edward M
It was a pleasure working with Wil Lyons. He was knowledgeable, personable, and always kept me abreast of how my loan was progressing at every step of the way.

William Lyon was a pleasure to do business with!

The first two to three sentences out of his mouth told me this was the guy that I should be working with. I trust my instincts and William did not let me down. I got frequent updates without having to call and ask and everything was explained to me without hesitation. For that, I will definitely be back when I buy my next property. I only hope you are able to work with me in Louisiana.

- Hollis R
I am very happy, and very satisfied.

William Lyons made the process very comfortable.

- Jeffrey R
Will Lyons and team did a great job on my refi. Thanks a lot!

We have had a very good experience with The Federal Savings Bank due to the fact that we had a very good person working with us William Lyons. You could not ask for a better person to represent The Federal Savings Bank. We never had to wait for his return phone calls because he was always there waiting to serve us. I will tell my friends about The Federal Savings Bank and highly recommend William Lyons (The man upstairs could not have sent us a better person to work with.) Sincerely, thank you very much.

- Lawrence L
The banker was wonderful and the appraiser prompt.

William Lyons is a true professional. He's knowledgeable, approachable and respectful of our time. His support staff was equally professional and courteous. Navigating a VA mortgage is more complicated than other types of remortgaging products and his team expertly guided my family through the obstacles. It was, as remortgaging goes, a pleasure. Thank again Will and team!

Will was amazing at communicating with me! I appreciate his follow through as this loan was completed during the Covid-19 crisis.

- Susan K