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Robert Jones

Executive Vice President


Robert Jones is an Executive Vice President at The Federal Savings Bank and manages retail sales in the Mid-Atlantic region. Robert was introduced to the mortgage industry in 2000 and was a successful originator for many years. He has been with the TFSB family for eight years now and he can proudly say that HE HAS FOUND THAT BANK! Robert now identifies and concentrates on mortgage bankers who can thrive in a most unique business model. He helps originators see, meet, then exceed their full potential, financially and professionally. Robert works closely with his team to help them grow and continue their success!

Robert graduated from Rowan University with a degree in Political Science. As a student athlete, Robert had a very successful playing career for the Rowan University football team. He was elected to the New Jersey All conference team in each of his three years playing at Rowan. Upon graduation Robert decided to coach football at the college ranks and did so successfully for six years.

Robert and his family reside on the Jersey shore in a section known as the Irish Riviera. When Robert is not spending his time managing the business or looking for new opportunities for the Bank, you may find him spending time with his family and enjoying many of the spoils of living at the shore.

Whether you are looking for a new company to take your talent to or are new to the industry, Robert can help guide you in every step. While leading over 100 Bankers and support staff, Robert will help you develop into a high-producing originator!

Team Testimonials

The Federal Savings Bank is a Federally Chartered Bank, forget the hassle of state licensing and lend in ALL 50 STATES! We're FULLY MORTGAGE FOCUSED. As a Federally Chartered Bank we are financially secure and do not rely on warehouse lines. We have a diverse menu of products with DIRECT ACCESS TO FANNIE, FREDDIE AND GINNIE! But above all: I love it here because SUPPORT IS AMAZING!!

- Alex P. | Vice President | Joined in 2019
I LOVE working with TFSB because of Dave Jones, Sara Helton & Suzie Erbe. Dave Jones for his mentorship on how to successful led others and what he has taught me about how to flourish in managing people. Sara Helton in her relentless pursuit in helping to recruit & build a successful team around me. Suzie Erbe because she is quite literally “the Secret Sauce of Region 5” in finding a way to make every loan successful, while having a great time doing it!

- Drew D. | Senior Vice President & Loan Production Office Manager | Joined in 2020
Robert leads in a way that he trusts his Bankers to perform with excellence and then helps us move in a successful direction. His knowledge and relationships are significant providing us with a clear path to success in serving our customers, company, and families.

- Jim M. | Senior Vice President & Loan Production Office Manager | Joined in 2018
Great operations, technology, and programs!

- Joseph S. | Senior Vice President | Joined in 2020
I like working with Robert Jones, he knows the business and provides AWESOME tools to grow my business!

- Kevin M. | Vice President | Joined in 2018
The best thing about TFSB is our commitment to exceed clients’ expectations. Robert is always there when you need him, with professionalism and kindness.

- Nelson W. | Mortgage Banker | Joined in 2018
The products and pricing that we offer here at TFSB are amazing!

- Pam C. | Mortgage Banker | Joined 2018