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Moshe Preger

Vice President


Our Brooklyn based mortgage banker and loan specialist, Moshe Preger (aka Marc) will provide you with intelligent and knowledgeable mortgage loan counseling for your individual needs. Whether you are a first time homeowner tired of paying rent, or an existing homeowner, his legendary calm expertise, sharp aggressive interest rates, and giving each customer close personal attention will seal the deal for you. Moshe has been in this field since 1995.

With years of experience in mortgage lending, Moshe has the knowledge and expertise to help each borrower structure the best mortgage to achieve their financial goals. Moshe prides himself in taking the time needed to understanding his customer’s immediate and long term goals, finding the best financial solution to achieve their objectives. Having helped hundreds of clients, he understands how confusing the home buying process can be and works hard to walk each client through the process in an organized and efficient manner. Because of his extensive knack in mortgage problem solving skills and steadfast commitment to customer service, Moshe will ensure you receive superior guidance as you pursue one of the most personal investments of your lifetime.

Moshe has vigorously fought prepayment penalty and Option ARM high risk loans that were prevalently offered before the real-estate meltdown with hundreds of clients saved and thankful for being steered away from those now infamous loan programs. He takes pride in the remarkable high number of referrals sent by other satisfied borrowers that have closed their loans with him.

Moshe Lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife of more than 30 years. He is active in community and charity work, committed to good health and humor. Moshe can be found almost daily and at odd hours on a local ambulance doing volunteer work in Emergency Medical Services in his neighborhood.


Outstanding mortgage broker !

- Adler P., Old Mill Basin, NY
Thank you again for everything. Everything went as smooth as possible. I know you went the extra mile and my daughter and I truly appreciate it.

- Dan K., Cedar Knolls, NJ
Moshe, I want to thank you for helping me secure my mortgage. You really took care of me and made sure I was always happy. The process was quick and smooth. Your response time was exceptional, which I greatly appreciate. You go above and beyond for your clients. I would highly recommend Moshe Preger to anyone looking to buy a home. Thank you!

- Dovid & Rachel L., Pomona, NY
I want to thank you for referring me to Moshe from The Federal Savings Bank. Even after close to 2 years and 100’s of emails, back and forth and documentation, Moshe never gave up. We finally closed on our refinancing on November 18th!

- David S., Midwood, NY
Thanks, Mr. Preger for your exceptional service.

- Dione F., Brooklyn, NY
Thank you so much for helping me get my house with a low interest rate. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your staff.

- Frantz L., Brooklyn, NY
I was very impressed on the speed of communication between one of my Condo Owners and Moshe, as I was required to give the Condo owner information on the building I am managing.

My decision to use Moshe was based on this fact alone. I never met Moshe and did not discuss with condo owner.

- Gus P., Brooklyn, NY
Mr. Preger was very helpful and professional. He is always available to answer his client's questions anytime of the day you called or text him.

- Herline D., Brooklyn, NY
Moshe Preger was great to work with. Very responsive and knowledgeable. We will certainly recommend to others.

- Igor T., Crown Heights, NY
I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure working with Moshe. He was available to answer my questions throughout this whole process.

- Jamal and Raquel P
It was a pleasure working with Moshe and his team at The Federal Savings Bank. I just recently purchased a two family home and due to my busy work schedule I was looking for a loan officer who was knowledgeable as well as someone I can trust and he exceeded my expectation. I would highly recommend him!

- Josselli P., E. Flatbush, NY
Marc, you are the best! Thanks for all you do!

- Keith C., Franklin, TN
Your customer quality, your dedication. Marc, you are dedicated to what you put your mind to do for your customer.

- Keith D., Brooklyn, NY
Moshe is the best thing that ever happened to The Federal Saving Bank. He is the backbone of this bank and he’ll put this bank in a better place moving forward.

- Kenson T., Canarsie, NY
Moshe Preger is truly the example of professionalism, with a caring and focused attitude. Mr. Preger delivers top quality service, and he is very knowledgeable in suitable programs that meets the client needs. His availability to answer questions and resolve minor obstacles distinguish him from the rest. If you tried the rest and now want the best, then Mr. Preger is the person to contact.

- Kerlyne H., Brooklyn, NY
Friendly and professional attitude. Thanks for the outstanding service rendered. Thanks for holding out for the best rate.

- Ladaene T., Brooklyn, NY
Marc is a wonderful person, his smile is confident his talk puts you at ease. He is a great person, and is like family. I would recommend him any day. I tell all my co/workers about him. I hope he gets the chance to work with some of them in the new year.

- Nadine & Lincoln W., Canarsie, NY
You took us with the little we have, and made us look like a millionaires.

- Leroy and Mae G., Queens, NY
You assisted our family with our first refinance. We were most impressed by your professionalism, knowledge, and efficiency.

- Madge and KerryAnn C., Elmont, NY
Impressed by; the fact that I was reassured that I would be approved, and that you were always available. It was a pleasure having someone work patiently with me seeing that this was my first experience.

- Margaret G., Brooklyn, NY
Moshe Preger is OUTSTANDING!

- Maryann K., Brooklyn, NY
We are extremely grateful and excited. Felt like we were sitting next to an old friend. You were patient and professional throughout this home search adventure.

- Michael and Carolyn C., Brooklyn, NY
Moshe (Marc) Preger is an exceptional banker who walked us through the entire process, and did not hesitate at any time to address our questions during the home search. I would highly recommend him to other potential buyers, especially those who are new to home-buying.

- Michael C., Canarsie, NY
You were organized, promptly responded to all questions and emails, and you created a friendly environment!

- Mordechai S., Crown Heights, NY
Marc was very professional, and was always available with great advice every step of the way.

- Murray W., Woodmere, NY
Thank you tremendously for all your time, patience and wisdom which allowed us to finally pull this chapter to a close.

We are finally with keys in our hands, and are new home owners!

Thank you again for getting us to where we are today

- Mushka G., Huntsville, AL
We just picked up the keys to our new home! We are extremely grateful for all of your dedicated work!

It was a real pleasure working with you!

We really appreciate everything you have done to make this a reality.

We hope to refer any friends and family your way :)

- Nachman & Chaya R., Crown Heights, NY
Moshe, was outstanding all throughout the process! Thank you so much!

- Nachman R., Crown Heights, NY
Mr. Moshe Preger is Amazing! Thank you very much!

- Nisson V., Crown Heights, NY
I have never known anybody with your patience and kindness. I would like to do business with you again!

- Rosemarie B., Brooklyn, NY
Very kind and willing to help figure out ways to help people.

- Sandrine C., Brooklyn, NY
The process was so smooth I'm ready to do it all over again now :)

- Schneur W., Crown Heights, NY
My family and I would like to thank you for all of your hard work in helping us to close this deal. We know it was an arduous process and overall draining. We appreciate your patience, professionalism, and skill in handling our situation. Once again thank you so much and continued success and happiness to you and your family.

- Shevaun S., Brooklyn, NY
Moshe Preger will treat you like family! Your problem is his problem. He will not sleep at night until he finds you the right solution! How do I know this? Because he did it for me!!

- Tzvi and Abigail F., Brooklyn, NY
The Federal Savings Bank truly has an individual who cares about what he does and truly loves his job. Marc Preger is the best and he is the type of person who you would stay in touch with, I will never forget him and how he helped me. Thank you, Marc!

- Vincent S., Brooklyn, NY