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Milad graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor’s in finance and a minor in economics. A career in home lending has been a dream for Milad as his expertise and experience in customer service are top-notch. He understands the importance of effective communication with borrowers, especially in recognizing that homeownership is a pinnacle moment in someone’s life and should not be taken lightly. He thoroughly reviews the borrower’s needs while providing various options that are potentially available to them. Milad’s primary objective is to make sure his clients fully understand their mortgage process and have the best experience possible.

Milad’s industry knowledge aids his ability to assist each borrower by structuring their mortgage to fit their financial goals. He deeply values the importance of owning a home and providing for family, as these two factors gave him stability and strength as a young man. As Milad spends time with his clients, he is extremely aware of their desires for the future and applies his home mortgage expertise to each situation that is in the best interest of the borrowers and their families.

Milad currently lives in Bolingbrook, Illinois with his family. He loves spending time with his family and blue nose Pitbull. In his free time, he goes back to help coach Downers Grove North’s wrestling team, which is also his previous high school and where he wrestled for four years. He also enjoys volunteering at various church events, teaches Sunday school, and takes the time to educate church youth groups about religion and other life lessons.