Michael Kaye Photo

Michael Kaye

Vice President


Michael Kaye graduated from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a double major in both Accounting and Finance. Michael excelled in and out of the classroom as a member of the Finance Society and Hawk Host Program. Outside of the classroom, Michael ran a successful internet sales business (footwear and apparel) for his final three years in college.

Following his graduation, Michael decided to transfer his skills from his company and enter into the residential lending business. From very early on, Michael has developed the necessary platform, recognizing the importance of catering to the wants and needs of the customer. Michael has a clear understanding of the uniqueness in each customer scenario, and he values the customer’s option as much as his own. Michael believes in creating a partnership with the customer that will allow ideas from both parties to flow concurrently, arriving at the end goal: a happy and satisfied customer. Such leadership and vision is essential, when making the biggest financial decision of any one person’s life. It is for these reasons, Michael decided to join The Federal Savings Bank. Their platform for residential lending is aligned with Michael’s ethics and values.

Aside from his fiery passion for business, Michael enjoys a multitude of sports, including basketball, football, and bowling. Michael is also passionate about footwear and owns over 150 pairs of Nike and Jordan sneakers. Traveling and cooking are also included in Michael’s leisurely pleasures.