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Mary A. Cazares

Senior Vice President


  • Veteran Lending Specialist
  • FHA 203k Specialist
  • Chairman's Club
    2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Mary A. Cazares was born and raised in Chicago. At a young age, Mary knew she wanted to work somewhere in the Real Estate market. She landed her feet in the mortgage industry as a Junior Loan Officer when she was just a senior in high school. Continuing the tradition of a strong work ethic that she inherited from her mother and grandmother, she worked two jobs while finishing her undergraduate at The University of Illinois at Chicago. There, she went on to receive a double major in Business Management and Finance with an emphasis on Investment Analysis. After obtaining her degrees, she used her networking skills to work her way to top companies in the mortgage industry, eventually landing a management position that would showcase her skills both in sales and leadership.

Mary has over ten years’ experience working in a Consumer Direct platform and is extremely well versed in just about every loan product, mortgage guideline, client type, and state requirement in today’s market place. Her financial analytical skills and vast mortgage knowledge allow her to provide the maximum benefit to her clients while explaining every aspect of their loan structure in an easily understood manner. Her relentless positivity allows her to excel as a leader and as a problem solver for her clients and her teammates at TFSB.

Outside of work, Mary has a philosophy of “work hard - play hard”. Maintaining a balance of work, play, physical health, and quality relationships is what helps keep her energy and passion at extremely high levels. She values her family and circle of close friends, most of whom she’s known from childhood. She loves traveling to new destinations, spending time outdoors, and watching and playing sports. She also enjoys trying new activities; some of her latest hobbies include riding her motorcycle, flying drones, bikram yoga and mixed martial arts.


"Mary was an absolute lifesaver! I am so appreciative of her knowledge and sense of urgency for my case. Should I know anyone in need of a loan officer she will be my only recommendation. I will always be grateful for her professionalism and ability to communicate clearly about my process. Thank you so much Mary!!!"

-Rovel R


Mary was an absolute lifesaver! I am so appreciative of her knowledge and sense of urgency for my case. Should I know anyone in need of a loan officer she will be my only recommendation. I will always be grateful for her professionalism and ability to communicate clearly about my process. Thank you so much Mary!

- Rovel R
Mary was exceptional! I have never received such prompt and thorough service from a loan institution and I really appreciated Mary's positive and caring attitude. I really felt like I had my own personal loan consultant! Good job to Mary and the team!!

- Alan M
Ms. Mary Cazares thanks for your help in everything and to buy my house in Hollywood, Florida. I recommend to everyone if you need assisted on mortgages call Ms Mary She will to help you.

- Alex C
My banker was truly exceptional. As this was my first mortgage loan, my banker walked me through each step, process, definition, explanation, etc. Unlike previous experiences, I was told the truth and was not mislead on percentage rate lock or expectations. I have heard horror stories on the mortgage process overall and I am very happy to say that those stories were NOT my experience at all.

- Amanda L
Mary was incredible, and went above and beyond. She was amazing and very professional. This is the second time we worked with Mary and it will not be the last. Please note the valuable employee you have working at that bank.

- Berardino C
Mary is the BEST!

- Brittney J
Mary is the best. Thanks Mary!!

- Byron E
Mary Cazares was extremely helpful through the entire process. She was very knowledgeable and made sure that all of my questions were answered. She was a dream to work with. Being this is my first house and I didn't know much going into all of this she made this easy and painless. I feel that Mary and her team went above and beyond to help me achieve my dream of owning my own home.

- Cassandra E
Mary Cazares was very helpful with our refinance! She exceeded our expectations and displayed a very commendable work ethic. She followed-up with all documents needed and she made sure that our questions were answered. She was always available when we needed her and her reassurance was very comforting. My husband and I are very pleased with the outcome of our refinance. Mary is an outstanding person and was very patient with us. I would not hesitate in recommending her to my family and friends. Thank you Mary for all your hard work!

- Christine L
Mary and her staff were outstanding in this entire process! Everyone we were speaking with were so very thorough in detailing every step of this process and making sure we understood what was needed from us to move the process along! Mary was so gracious to point us in the right direction and updated us on a regular basis during the entire process! We are very pleased to have had Mary and her staff to look out for us during this journey.

- Cynthia Br and Rodney E
Mary was amazing! She made this process seamless. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone purchasing a home or property. Very professional and knowledgeable.

- Damaris M
Mary Cazares and her team were very outstanding.

- Daniel C
Mary Cazares is a rockstar! Attentive, responsive, and transparent. Will definitely work with on investment properties in the future!

- David B
Mary and her staff were an absolute pleasure to work with. They basically held our hand and kept us informed every step of the way.

- Derrick E
Mary was awesome! I have high anxiety with stuff like this and she was there all the way.

- Donald O
Mary was a real pleasure to work with during this whole process. I find her to be knowledgeable and her willingness to assist in any manner very helpful and comforting. Thank you again for great service!

- Douglas W
Mary was very helpful in the mortgage process, I really liked the service her and her team provided me. I will recommend her to my friends.

- Eduardo C
Mary was absolutely amazing. She worked on the type of loan we were looking for and helped guide us on how to get it done.

- Elijah G
It was a pleasure working with Mary Cazares. She explained each step of the process as it unfolded. She made you feel as though she were going through process with you. We cannot sing her praises enough. Job well done!!

- Elliott C
Great customer service, thank you!

- Elsa R
I cannot say enough about about Mary Cazares,and her team. This was the smoothest re-fi I have done. Everyone was prompt, courteous, professional and easily accessible. We are so happy we chose The Federal Savings Bank . JOB WELL DONE !!!

- Francis F
Mary at The Federal Savings Bank (the loan officer) was excellent.

- Graham C
My Loan Officer was excellent. She kept me updated throughout the whole process. The Federal Savings Bank is great. I dealt with them the past on the refinancing of another home I owned.

- Harvey J
I've purchased several homes (investments & primary residents) and this transaction by for was the best! Throughout the entire process the communication was excellent and I was always kept abreast of each step in the process. I will definitely recommend The Federal Savings Bank to others. Thanks Mary for being such a great help. Your professional knowledge was the key from beginning to end!

- Izell L
Mary Cazares and her team are stellar and fair! I'll make sure to spread the word. Thank you for being the ONLY bank to keep our best interests in mind.

- Jennifer F
Mary C. was amazing to work with. She definitely knows her job well!

- Jeremiah G
Services exceeded my expectations and I am very pleased with the experience. Thank you so much!

- Jill Y
Mary is the most beautiful lady on the face of the earth.

- John A
Ms. Cazares was wonderful to work with. On a scale of zero to ten, she was a 10 plus.

- John F
Thank you for the great service!

- Jordon G
I sent a lot of messages to Mary and her team, which, I'm sure, got a bit annoying. Each message was answered in a timely manner and I truly appreciate all the time, work, and effort put in by Mary and her team to get my home refinanced. I also appreciate the time and patience by Mary and her team from all the communication sent by me :-) Top notch customer service from Mary and her team!!

- Joseph K
This was a very comfortable and easy. Working with very knowledgeable and helpful associates made this process so easy and comfortable. Just want to thank everyone for making this so easy for me.

- Judy D
Mary Cazares was exceptional! She was very knowledgeable and had my needs in mind.

- Justin D

- Karen V
Mary and her team were awesome!!!

- Karen V
We were truly blessed to be able to work with Mary. She busted her butt day in and day out to ensure everything went smoothly. She was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable about every part of our transaction. Definitely would use her again!

- Keegan E
Mary is the best! She did our Refi and I knew I wanted to use her if we bought a new home. Our real estate agent tried to get us to use one of her bankers, I told her no I wanted to use Mary at The Federal Savings Bank. You guys are great to work with and thank you for all of the help!

- Kelly G
Mary was very knowledgeable and responsive. It was helpful that she understood the nature of income for a non W2 borrower. I would recommend Mary to other quality borrowers and even personal friends.

- Kenneth M
Mary Cazares is a total professional who acts with great energy and expertise. Thank you.

- Kenneth M
Our loan officer was outstanding! Full of knowledge and most importantly the communication between us was professional. It wasn't difficult trying to piece this loan together with our loan officer who walked us through every step.

- Luisa V
Mary was a great Mortgage Banker to work with and she did a great job educating us on various mortgage topics. Mary was also extremely patient in answering all our questions. Mary's knowledge and experience around housing market and the various stages of the refinancing process was impressive. THANK YOU MARY

- Malgorzata R
Mary Cazares and her support team went above and beyond in this process. She took time to encourage us, educate us and support us throughout the entire process. She was always professional and we did not have a single worry with her as our banker. Her knowledge is above average and impressive. Her ability to explain every step is outstanding. She was always available, willing and delighted to answer questions. When we panicked, she made us feel comfortable and relax. She came to our closing and we were ecstatic. It brought a sense of comfort and we could fully celebrate. She didn't have to come to closing but she did it anyway. That meant a lot to us. Mamello and Jason.

- Mamello T
Mary Cazares was very helpful in answering questions as we don't deal with mortgage items enough to know about them.

- Mark M
Mary was fantastic. She answered all of our questions and made us feel at ease. She is quick to return calls, texts, and emails. I couldn't have asked for better service. We will most definitely use her services again.

- Matthew F
Mary Cazares was absolutely amazing. She went above and beyond in the process of securing our mortgage. Mary had our back when we were unsatisfied with the way our initial appraisal came back and without hesitation informed us what we needed to do to appeal the findings and kept on the VA til we received their new findings and the new figure. We will most definitely recommend Mary to friends and family that are in the market looking for a mortgage to purchase.

- Matthew K
We were just about to close with another company when we found Mary at The Federal Savings Bank. She offered great customer service and answered all of our questions, unlike the previous loan officer. Would definitely recommend Mary!

- Maya T
We were just about to close with another company when we found Mary at The Federal Savings Bank. She offered great customer service and answered all of our questions, unlike the previous loan officer. Would definitely recommend Mary!

- Maya T
Words cannot describe how lucky and blessed I was to have the team I had. Mary Cazares was amazing to work with. I had a previous situation before and the lender I had - lets just say it was a horror story, but this time around I was introduced to Mary. She showed me the right experience of the home buying process. I didn't even have to chase her down or have any wonder as I was always in the loop and aware of everything happening. Best team I could ask for. After closing I wanted to make them my best friends! Definitely will be recommending Mary and will be looking specifically for her in future purchases!!

- Melinda R
Mary Cazares was an exceptional Banker as well as keeping me informed of the process. I would highly recommend her.

- Melissa F
Mary Cazares is a very professional, knowledgeable, loan officer. I look forward to having a long relationship with her. Thanks for the great service!

- Michael B
Many Thanks to Mary and her team for achieving the near impossible. This mortgage was a spontaneous decision due to the lack of rental options when we were looking for a home for a new job out of state. I have worked with Mary previously on a loan on my home in Colorado. We only had 4 weeks from the contract date and then Hurricane Matthew threatened the coast of Florida directly where this home was. Even with the delay and added work from the near miss, Mary and her team pulled this closing on time with no time to spare. Myself and my family are very grateful for the numerous emails and phone conversations after hours to keep me on top of my to do list and questions. So Many Thanks!!!!!

- Michael D
Professionalism was top notch!!! The late night phone calls and text messages from me that were answered amazed me. Mary made me feel so comfortable about purchasing my home. She answered every question I had and went above and beyond to make me feel secure. I’m going to recommend everyone I come in contact with looking to buy property to Mary because I know she’s going to treat them well; as if they were her own family or friends. Thank you so much for all your patience and HARD WORK!!!

- Naquida T
Thank you and your team for all the work you did with me to get this completed, and in time. I really appreciate you working with me even before I got my credit score fixed.

- Nathan S
From the day I started talking to Mary, I told her of my expectations and time line to move from California to Louisiana and purchase a house. Mary and her team worked with me and my realtor every step of the way and when we moved the closing date a day sooner, her team actually had it all completed and ready to close two days sooner than our early request. The team worked great and I would use them again. Thank you.

- Nathaniel S
Very happy with the process and overall experience!

- Noe R
We had multiple issues with prior lenders and Mary was able to step in and work things out quickly and smoothly in order for us to close two houses in one day. All of my friends and relatives will be using her moving forward because of the stellar customer service I received.

- Pablo L
Mary Cazares and the support team were easy to work with. Communication was great. Everything went along smoothly. I would work with Mary and The Federal Savings Bank again.

- Randy J
Mary is the best. We have enjoyed working with her.

- Randy J
Mary is the best she was very helpful, kept in touch and met every expectation. She was very insightful and has great charisma.

- Ruben C
Mary and her team were awesome. Mary was so caring and kept me up to date through the whole process. I would highly recommend The Federal Savings Bank because of Mary!

- Sharon G
Mary and the rest of the people were very helpful and gracious to do business with. They did an excellent job of keeping me updated through the process.

- Sheldon P.
I try with 2 other companies to refinance it didn't work. Mary Cazares is very professional, has a big knowledge by making my experience with your company amazing! Highly recommended to my son and my daughter! Soon they will use the company for their needs. Thank you.

- Sofia T

- Stephan H
Mary was the best fast service and vary helpful in getting all my documents ready. She is great!!!!! You have a great person keep her around

- Steven V
After trying 3 other agencies for refinancing, Federal Savings Bank came through for me. Positive points:
- Listening to my concerns
- Patiently waiting through the process of getting "hard to obtain" paper from Fidelity.
- Keeping me inform of what going on at all time.
- Lock and extended lock rate without issue, best rate!
- Agent is prompt, always available, hand holding when necessary, and nice to work with.
- Ease of closing, on-time as promise.
Highly recommended.

- Thang T
Our banker was the best! She took us by the hand and guided us every step of the way to make sure we always knew what was coming and prepared us for it. We couldn't have survived the stress of the underwriting process without her!

- Tracy M
Mary was great and she exceeded my expectations!

- Tynisa G
Mary was always helpful; with any questions that I had, she had the answer to them! She was prompt in getting the answers, as well as letting me know what I would need to get for her to close my loan.

- Wayne B
This was a very pleasant, efficient, and professional experience for us - one of the best we've ever had with a mortgage or refinancing. Mary Cazares was the best we've ever worked with and she helped us get it done before one of the LOCs closed out on us. Would recommend her highly to anyone!

- William A
I'm very happy with the service. Thank you.

- Yvonne G