Larry Minnefee Photo

Larry Minnefee

Vice President


Larry Minnefee is a collegiate athlete graduate with a Major in Business and a Minor in Psychology. He has been in the financial industry since 2007.

Larry has brought his experience and expertise in helping clients before, after, and during the financial up and downturns. This allows him the experience and knowledge to provide simple and sound problem-solving skills which in turn allows his clients to reach their financial goals despite economic conditions. As a top producer with one of the Largest non-bank lenders in America, his honesty, integrity and his pure compassion for helping each client reach financial success as it relates to each person individually this is what drives him and inspires him to be the best he can be for his clients.

In his spare time, Larry enjoys coaching and mentoring his youth basketball league as well enjoying time with his family and friends somewhere near the beach.


Larry made the lending process very pleasant and easy. The communication was excellent and he was always available to answer our questions. I would definitely recommend my family and friends to call him when they are ready to buy a home. Thanks Larry you’re so great at what you do!

- Brandon M
I appreciate all the help to get there Larry! I have worked my entire life in aerospace manufacturing where integrity, quality, and a high standard of ethics are everything. Working and talking to Larry made me feel he is the same way. This gave me the opportunity to breathe again and look forward to the future. I really appreciated Larry's help. I wish you happiness, health, and prosperity to you and your family Larry!

- Michael R
I was impressed that you made yourself available to talk to even when you were at home. And you carefully smoothed out the loan process whenever it was needed to get it done. My only wish is that I could have faxed paperwork to The Federal Savings Bank from my own home. I faxed stuff to you over at FedX many times and made them richer. Thank you Larry for being an honest straightforward guy to constantly deal with -- even rather suddenly at times. If anyone I know is considering refinancing their home, I shall definitely recommend you to them.

- Richard H