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Kenneth Craynon is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. Ken served in the Army for 3 years before he eventually went on to study close to home at The University of Cincinnati. Helping people has always been a passion for Ken, so when he found out he could financially assist people as a career, the rest was history! 5 years later, he finds himself here at The Federal Savings Bank, ready to continue living out his passion.

Ken comes to TFSB with over two whole decades of industry experience. Throughout those years, Ken has achieved plenty of success, including being #1 in sales during his time at Staten Island Bank, but it has also taught Ken how to be better at his job each and every day. Ken believes he has clients, not customers. He looks at every person he works with as a client looking for financial assistance and guidance. In other words, Ken is not here to sell anything. He is here to guide you to the product that works best for you, and only you. Ken also believes in treating his clients like he would his own mother: with respect and great care. Ken knows how important it is for his clients to feel confident and at ease while working with him. Anyone who has the privilege to work with Ken will quickly see why he has been so successful in this industry for so long.

Ken currently resides in Naples, Florida with his wife of 53 years. He has a daughter who lives in New York, and she has blessed Ken and his wife with 2 beautiful grandchildren, Alina and CJ. In his spare time, you can find Ken playing golf or tennis.