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Joe Varney

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Joe Varney earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Illinois State University in 1987 and has enjoyed a career in finance related sales ever since. He joined Chicago Bankcorp in 2004 and recently joined The Federal Savings Bank in 2012. Joe prides himself on personalized service and attention to detail.  

Joe soon realized that in treating his customers as he would like to be treated, not only would the client be satisfied, they in turn would refer their friends and family member’s business to him as well.   Joe considers these referrals the ultimate endorsement of his commitment to his clients and welcomes you to experience a true professional for yourself.
Joe personally controls each stage of the lending process, from origination through funding and has many financing options available to assist his clients in achieving their goal of owning their own home.   He personally meets with every client to discuss their specific scenario and attends every closing.
Should you be in need of any mortgage services, please contact Joe for a free consultation.


Joe Varney was great! Highly recommend working with him.

- Alex R
Joe was great! Would definitely recommend him to friends.

- Alison C
Joe is very dedicated to his clients and is a joy to work with. We look forward to staying in touch and referring our friends to him should they need mortgage services.

- Aviva B
Joe did a great job working with me. I have already recommended him to a few others.

- Bruce P
My wife and I really enjoyed working with Joe V. and the rest of The Federal Savings Bank team. We were especially impressed with his ability to quickly handle everything during the loan process and find us the very best rate possible for our new home. Other than a minor hiccup with one of the lending banks not spelling my name correctly (which we caught before closing but was not corrected, not Federal Savings' fault) the whole process was stress free. We are going to hold onto Joe's contact information and definitely refer him to anyone we know that is purchasing a home.

- Bryan and Kristin V
As a first time buyer, I had no clue as to what to expect nor what was available to me. Mr. Varney made this entire experience amazingly smooth and took the time to educate me along the way. He also put me in the best position to succeed and helped me tap into programs that made this less expensive and an awesome purchase. I am forever grateful and will spread the word about The Federal Savings Bank and Mr. Joe Varney with pride.

- Damaris R
Joe was a pleasure to deal with. He answered all of our questions in a timely manner. He made the whole process completely easy and enjoyable.

- Edward C
Joe! Thank you sooooo much for all the knowledge you've given us. It was a great experience and we enjoyed the whole process leading up to the closing. You will ALWAYS be a part of the Trejo/Velazquez family! Thanks!

- Eric T
Joe was outstanding to work with. He constantly kept us informed with what was happening during the process. If we had any questions, he got back to us right away. Without a doubt this was the most efficient mortgage experience we have ever had. Thank you again!!!

- Ezra M
I enjoyed working with Joe very much.

- Gabrielle M
Our broker, Joe Varney, was very helpful throughout the loan process - he led us through the steps we needed to take and kept us informed throughout. He's knowledgeable and very customer focused!

- George B
Joe Varney was awesome. I've done a number of mortgage transactions over the years and Joe was, by far, the best I've worked with.

- James M
Joe Varney was exceptional!!!! No fluff, straight answers but always looking out for my best interest. Thank you!

- Joel V
I have highly recommended Joe Varney to everyone I know. He is extremely knowledgeable and gets it done. He shoots straight and that's how I like it. Thanks a million for the continued excellent service (I am a repeat client!)

- Joel V
Joe was a champ throughout the process. Highly recommend!

- John A
Joe Varney was very knowledgeable of the product and service I needed. Joe walked me through the process and informed me of all expectations. Joe followed up with me as needed and kept me abreast of the progress with my mortgage loan. I am so pleased with Joe Varney!

- Keith H
Joe has been amazing throughout this process! He has truly exceeded my expectations.

- Lillian W
Joe Varney was exceptionally helpful - this was our first experience in the real estate world and he really made it an overall positive experience. Thanks!

- Lindsey F
Joe was excellent, patient with our questions, and extremely attentive. THE BEST broker I have ever had the opportunity with whom to work!

- Marianne F
Great job! Joe Varney was very helpful every step of the way.

- Nick V
Overall, it was a great and smooth experience working with Joe V. As it was the prior 2 times.

- Paul G
Joe Varney was outstanding. Will absolutely recommend him.

- Richard P
Overall we were very happy with our experience. I would have liked to get a slightly better rate, but I understand there were credit issues on my end that prevented that. Joe Varney was simply outstanding. He went above and beyond in every way and got us a mortgage that fit our needs. Joe was the most honest and forthcoming banker I've worked with. He addressed concerns that other banks didn't even make mention of. I was very confident that Joe had checked every detail before closing so there would be nothing to worry about.

- Samuel P
My husband and I enjoy working with Joe - he makes the process as straightforward as a mortgage can be. We appreciate that he stays in touch throughout the process and gives clear instructions and guidance.

- Sara B
Joe communicated along the way and provided helpful updates. It was very convenient to have everything before closing via electronic signature. The at-home closing was great.

- Sara M
Amazing customer service from Joe every time! This is my third total transaction with Joe and I know that there is no need to "shop around" for a better deal. I also know I won't find another banker as knowledgeable, thorough, or patient as Joe. His personal touch is second to none. The computer system, DocuSign, etc. can give all the information one would need to complete the transaction but Joe takes time to send an email before the computer system to explain what you are going to be receiving, what is going to be required, and offers insights that make the process less daunting. Joe is a major asset to your team and my family!

- Scott F
I'm sure it helped that we were properly prepared buyers not "shooting for the stars" but I was extremely thankful for how efficiently, quickly, and professionally everything was handled. Not one issue in the entire process and Joe Varney is a consummate professional! He will be highly recommended by me. He was a pleasure to work with, as was the entire team.

- Scott F
We lucked out, working with Joe. He was extremely communicative through-out the process. We always felt informed. Joe made responded to our calls and emails in a very timely manner. We really got the sense that he considered us a priority. Buying a home for the first time can be a daunting process, and it was great to have Joe on our team. He even came to our closing to make sure that everything went perfectly.

- Sheila S
Joe was great, will be happy to work with him again in the future.

- Stephen R
I truly can't say enough good things about Mr. Varney. Very down-to-Earth, straight-forward, and a positively GREAT communicator. Any question or concern I may have had -- expressed via phone call, text, or email -- Joe responded IMMEDIATELY. And even though I threw a couple wrenches into the mortgage process, Mr. Varney never faltered. A true professional.

- Steven T
Joe knows his stuff! He was no-hassle, very straight to the point, and very effective at guiding me through the process.

- Thomas B
Joe is the best!

- William E
Joe Varney is the best mortgage banker I have ever worked with. He is very knowledgeable and always ready to help.

- Yvonne W.
Interestingly, Joe and I met while I was an associate president of an HOA while working through a condo questionnaire. The questionnaire was for a neighbor refinancing through FSB and Joe was the broker. Joe personally called me to discuss the questionnaire. I was shocked as a broker has never called in the numerous condo questionnaires I had completed. Joe and I ended up chatting for over 30min. It didn't feel to me that Joe was soliciting business, rather simply building a network/relationships. It was clear to me that he was a sincere, good person. I joked with Joe that when I was in the market, he had been the first I called. 6 months later my fiancée and I were looking for a home and Joe naturally came to mind. It was a great decision. Joe secured a phenomenal rate, he pushed to move things along, and he got things done. What I most appreciated from Joe is that he didn't wedge me in between any party; sellers agent, lawyers, and also my agent and lawyer. When Joe needed answers/documents he went to the source which alleviated so much pressure/stress from myself. These type of things are pain points I've dealt with when working with other lenders and assumed that they were my responsibility. In sum, I will be Joe's free walking advertisement for any family/friend/relative who is looking to secure a mortgage.

- Zeshan A