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Javier Garcia

Senior Vice President


  • VA Loan Specialist
Javier Garcia is an experienced and highly trusted Residential Banker who continues to strengthen and perfect the partnership between the home buyer and their financial security for years to come. Based on his track record of highly accurate home loan executions and performing mortgages, Javier can provide his buyers and homeowners with the best rates in the market along with unlimited loan options. Home Buyers can apply for their home loan and receive a mortgage commitment before they begin their home search to be assured of an expedited transaction and eliminating the fear of not meeting mortgage contingency on their sales contract.

As a proven and accomplished executive in sales, and a skilled and strategic leader with 9+ years of experience in driving profits, sales, and the ability to improve and maximize profit margins Javier distinguishes himself as an expert in building, motivating and training top performing teams focused on exceeding organizational goals. Javier is a skilled professional who has a passion for developing and implementing strategy for steady growth and success without sacrificing compliance standards, and preserving a reputation built on quality, service, and uncompromising ethics.

The Federal Savings Bank allows Javier to provide his clients and staff with a full service bank with a long history of providing home mortgages to our homeowners and home buyers. As a leading mortgage lender, Javier brings a common sense approach and high touch customer service model to borrowers across the country. At The Federal Savings Bank, Javier control the entire lending process in our state of the art processing center and offers a complete array of products including VA, Jumbo, FHA, and conforming conventional loans to consumers in all 50 states.


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I found Federal Savings Bank while doing online shopping for mortgage and was pleasantly surprised from my initial conversation. My own bank, with whom I have been doing business for last 10+ years couldn't provide the service that I was receiving from Federal Savings Bank.

I was amazed by the professional service/prompt responses that i was getting from Javier & his team. They kept me informed as loan was getting processed and were always available to answer any questions and promptly responded to all my emails/phone calls. Javier even took my phone calls/responded to my emails even when he was on vacation. Javier Garcia & Mike Thibodeau did an amazing job and my closing went without a hitch.

I can honestly say Javier Garcia made my first home buying experience a pleasant one and I look forward to work with him again for my next home purchase.

Thanks for everything Javier!!.

- Veera
Our family had a great experience with The Federal Savings Bank. Javier and his team provided a comfortable atmosphere and helped make the home buying process fun for us. We are thrilled to be first time home owners and will recommend Javier Garcia and The Federal Savings Bank to our family and friends. Thank you for all your services!

- Abraham
I want to take the time to thank my loan officer Javier Garcia for being patient and in my opinion honest with me during my purchase process. I was referred by a realtor to Javier. It was April 2014. I knew I wanted to purchase my own home. Well at the time I had a ton of personal matters going on. I was determined not to let these issues be obstacles but use them as stepping stones. My first conversation with Javier was short but quaint. He pulled my scores and told me where I was and where I needed to be. He referred me to a credit agency that could possibly help me. I pressed my way through the disappointment but knew there had to be victory at the end. My personal issues worsened. My mom passed away October 10, 2014. My foundation had crumbled. It was like I was watching a movie about my life and wasn't a participant. Now my focus has changed. I still had a desire to purchase but now, I was going to purchase my Moms' home. I contacted Javier again in December 2014 and explained that I needed to be qualified to purchase my moms home, it was previously in chapter13 but it was dismissed due to her death.

Javier knew it was a very unique situation and had to collaborate with his team. I still had 1 or 2 issues with my credit report. I have learned a lot through this process. The student loans on my report were reported as disputed which actually lowers the score about 10-20 points. Fast forward to Feb 29, 2015. I'm ready yeah!!!!!!

Due to the unique circumstances of me purchasing the property from the estate( essentially myself). Yes, I was the buyer and the seller. There was a lot of check and balancing happening.

Throughout the rolls of red tape, Javier still was courteous, respectful and prompt with emails and reassuring. The use of technology saved the day several times even up to the time of closing. Javier and I were able to email, scan, fax or download updated or needed documents. The close vicinity of the office allowed me to even swing by and drop off documents. Once I was finally credit ready I had to negotiate with the mortgage holder of my Moms' loan. As the months go pass due to other matters I finally get an approval from the mortgage company that was the current loan holder with 2 and a half weeks to close before they cancel they sale amount. My sale amount offer ended on July 10, 2015 and I closed on July 9, 2015. I can wholeheartedly say that Javier isn't just a loan officer, he is genuine and truly care about his clients. When I say it was a process believe me it was, however having a competent team such as Javier, Michelle and Samantha helped my heart smile because this was no ordinary sale. This sale was saving my family home.

Thank You

- April H
My family and I were referred to Javier by a close family friend of ours and we are so happy we went with their suggestion. Javier and his team were very professional and prompt when meeting our needs. Javier and his team made what could of been a complicated situation run smoother than expected. Javier did not disappoint and if we had to do it all over again Javier would be our guy. Thanks Javier!

- Arnold and Natalie L
Javier helped me close on my condo last year - he did an excellent job. It was a short sale with its incumbent difficulties and last minute negotiations, and despite all of that we closed on time. I would recommend Javier to anyone looking for an experienced mortgage banker.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

- Beth Z
I had a great experience using Javier Garcia at The Federal Savings Bank when purchasing my home. I was a first time home buyer and was completely lost in the beginning of the process. Javier was very kind to go over and explain every step and promptly answered all of my many questions throughout the process. They were always extremely responsive and went above and beyond to take care of my every need. Right before I closed on my home, Javier noticed interest rates had gone down and locked down my interest rate at the lower rate even though it was more work for them and I wouldn’t have known otherwise. They were also able to help me close in less than 20 days. I would definitely recommend Javier Garcia and The Federal Savings Bank to anyone looking to purchase a home.

- DeGrassi
If you are in the process to get a loan for your house, I definitely recommend The Federal Savings Bank, Javier Garcia Jr. Senior Vice President and his great team assisted me to get everything done in a smooth and timely matter. I am greatly appreciated for such of great and professional people to work with. Thank you very much!

- Elsy B
I would first like to thank you so much for helping me purchase my very own home you have made this a dream come true for me and my fiance. Thank you everything you have done for us and i will do my very best to pass along your information to my friends and family. My Brother-In-Law Basil was right about you and that you are an honest hard worker and will do your very best to take care of your clients from the beginning until the end.

Again thank you so much for everything you have done for me and i truly appreciate what you have done. I will do my very best to refer you to my friends and family.

- Essa A
My buyers found Javier through an online search. At first, I was hesitant to use an out of state lender that I didn't know. But with my first phone call, I could tell that Javier was very professional and that he would do a good job with my buyers loan process. Throughout the process, Javier was very responsive to any questions/concerns that myself or my buyers had. And his fees are very reasonable! I would definitely use Javier again. Great job!

- Faith H. - Sovereign Realty, NV
I am really pleased with Javier Garcia, his work was outstanding, he helped me understand the process since the beginning through the end of the process. He Was there at any time promptly answered emails and calls from me, I really recommend Javier Garcia to any one, he is really professional, I am really satisfied with his work.

- Filippo S

Jacqueline and I would like to send you our sincere thanks and appreciation for your efforts on the successful refinance of our home. All of our objectives were met, and we are now saving 35% on our monthly mortgage. We certainly benefited from your knowledge of the industry, responsiveness, and willingness to in investigate a variety options that could meet our needs. As we explored options in refinancing, we notice that your competitors do not take the time to provide customized services based on the needs and circumstances of the individual customer. You made our selection of The Federal Savings Bank the right choice! Your responsiveness and knowledge of the industry certainty provided us a level of comfort that we have consideration of all the benefits available.

Our engagement with The Federal Savings Bank was a positive one!
Our Sincerest Thank You!

- George Jacqueline
Javier was awesome and made the process perfect!!! Definitely will refer him to any and everyone.

- Helinda T
Javier Garcia and his staff provided us with high quality service and with assistance beyond our expectations. The Federal Savings Bank also worked long and hard to ensure we were locked in on a great rate. We were constantly in contact and well informed of the process along the way. It could have been a painstaking process but with the knowledgeable staff we were in good hands. We highly recommend him and The Federal Savings Bank.

- Henry M
Mr. Garcia I cannot be happier with your service and everything you did for me and my wife with getting us to closing in less than 21 days from the time we signed our purchase contract. You were very professional and always showed your expertise with any question we posed to you and your staff. You were right when you promised us a perfect mortgage experience. We will definitely refer you our friends and family and hope to do business together again. Thank you for everything you did for us you are the BEST!!!

- Hung N
I fully recommend Mr. Javier Garcia and his team at The Federal Savings Bank. His team takes great pride in getting you into your new home. Mr. Garcia proved to be very knowledgeable on the VA Loan Requirements and processes. It was a pleasure to work with them and I will proudly recommend Mr. Garcia and his team to anyone. Thank you for your assistance and great job!!

- Jeff B
Javier Garcia is awesome! Very thorough, dedicated and trustworthy!

- Jereann B.
Today, banks are in an arms race to win a potential home owner. Just as competitive as the banks are, it takes the invaluable service of bankers like Javier Garcia to make the difference: championing in the bank competitions then leaving home owners satisfied and proud.

Javier has a lot of experience under his belt, I recommend and also deem him as the banker of choice for excellence and greater horizons: His service is a vintage characterized by excellence, maturity and endurance: During our journey to home ownership, he steered with great discernment from conceptualization through construction to closing.

Usually Javier guarantees excellence.

- Lawrence M
When I inquired about refinancing my home I was inundated with countless responses by lenders, banks, credit unions and mortgage brokers. For some strange reason Javier Garcia at The Federal Savings Bank and his assistant Susan Bosshart stood out above the rest. I received a few quotes from other lenders but The Federal Savings Bank not only had the best rate but I had a good feeling in my gut that this is who I need to work with and I NEVER looked back! From that point forward my refinance process could not have gone any better and I could not have been happier! I would and already have recommended them to others hands down! If you are looking for personal service, to be treated with respect, honesty and as if YOU are their ONLY customer, this is who you need to work with!

- Lisa S and Bard C

I wanted to say thank you for all the help and the effort you put in to making our home buying experience so easy and simple, If I know anybody that’s in the market for a house you would be the 1st to call. Again thank you so much.

- Mohamed A
I have had the opportunity to work with Javier on two mortgage deals. More recently, with my own single family home purchase. I had many friends try to refer me to their own personal loan officers, but I already knew that my husband and I would be working with Javier for our home purchase. Dealing with finances is a very personal thing and Javier established a foundation of trust with me early on. Javier offers personable and honest service with a complete outline of what to expect during the home buying process. He is knowledgeable and resourceful, even setting us up with an amazing realtor from his network of contacts. He didn't feel like a loan officer but instead a liaison who was ultimately able to help us achieve our dream of home ownership. I cannot express the gratitude I feel for Javier and his team for helping us. Our deal was not easy and we had bumps along the road, but Javier never faltered from the big picture. He never complained and he understood the dynamic of the emotions involved. A week after closing, I sent an emotional text to Javier. During the midst of chaos and moving from our old apartment to the new house, my three year old looks over at me and says, "Mom, I want to go home." The pride in my heart knowing my son already knew "home" made the whole process worth every minute. I can't describe the feeling I get when I see how happy my kids are being "home." No more rent, no more worrying about making too much noise, sharing a backyard and most importantly no more landlords! Looking back, there is no doubt that Javier was always the right person for the job. Thank you Javier for helping my family get our forever home. My family and I will always be so grateful for your services.

- Nathan and Jennifer C
There were some difficulties in the process, including the bad winter weather that delayed our original closing, and a lost UPS package with our original closing paperwork that necessitated closing a second time. However, we have been very pleased with the work of Javier Garcia. Javier is very professional, knowledgeable, and above all, was very responsive to our situation. Whenever we ran into snags in the refinancing process (and in our original mortgage), Javier came through. In fact, my wife and I would just say, "In Javier we trust." And he lived up to these expectations. I really appreciated how Javier contacted us to initiate the refinance process, which ended up saving us $$$ in our monthly payments. In short - we were extremely happy and satisfied with Javier's work on our loan.

- Robert B
Scott and Tanya would like to thank Javier Garcia for his service and help with the past two loans. His knowledge and attention to detail really helped or process go smoothly.

Thank you very much!

- Scott H
We are happy and privileged to recommend Javier Garcia as an excellent loan officer. At a time when the market and the real estate environments were difficult and other financial institutions and agents refused to address our specific situation; Javier saw these circumstances as unique and accomplished what others thought was impossible allowing to us to own our dream home.

Javier was the one agent who understood us, appreciated the financial portfolio we had and saw the big picture of are decease of investing and earning; going to work on our behalf like no one else could. Javier was always professional, creative, tenacious and provided us with all the necessary information to better assist us with the many decisions having to be made in the home loan application process. We could not be more pleased with the timing and outcome of the loan process and the purchase of our dream home, we are grateful we have put this important job into the right hands from the very start with Javier Garcia.

- Tim and Peggy R
In these times of uncertainty and doubt, it's become increasingly important to lean on a mortgage professional who will have your best interest in mind.

Javier Garcia is this person. He helped us refinance our home when no one else would. I recommend him to family, friends and acquaintances any chance I get.

Thank you, Javier, for navigating us through what can be a stressful and confusing process.

- Ula K

It was a smooth transaction considering rather difficult circumstances :) You always responded promptly to my questions, and most importantly, to the buyer's. I appreciated your patience and professionalism. Closing on time, no issues there. In the end, that's all that matters. I would highly recommend your services.


- Urszula G
I would just like to say Javier Garcia is the best at what he does! He made the whole experience pleasant and answered every question we had. I would recommend him to everyone and we will be coming to Javier for future home loans.

- Victoria D
I found Federal Savings Bank while doing research for a re-finance of our house in 2010. Federal Savings Bank was one of three (3) other companies I was considering. I chose Federal Savings Bank and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I was concerned about using an out-of-state mortgage broker, but the pleasant personnel, the professionalism and the feeling that I was a personal friend overcame any reservations. The re-finance went through without a hitch.

We placed our home on the market for sale in late 2013 and sold it in April of 2014. I called Federal Savings to start working with them on a Pre-Approval letter and ultimately on a new mortgage loan. The original Mortgage Broker I worked with was no longer with Federal Savings Bank and I started working with Javier Garcia and Kristin Hewitt. It has been 14 years since we last obtained a new mortgage and regulations have certainly changed. The mortgage process was surprising and frustrating. There were times I wanted to pull out, but the one calming influence was Javier. I know the process was difficult for him as well, but he never wavered and pushed everything through, so we could close on our required date. Javier is extremely knowledgeable, courteous, pleasant and treats a client as a friend. In addition, when Javier found out our Homeowner’s Association was not approved by the Veterans Administration, he said he would pursue getting that approval, so he could offer us a V.A. Loan and a better interest rate at a later date. I would recommend Federal Savings Bank and Javier to my friends and family should they ever need a mortgage broker. Thanks so much to Javier, Kristin and their team of assistants.

- Warren and Lorraine B