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Chicago, IL. (March 15, 2023) – It brings us immense pride at The Federal Savings Bank to share that the article titled How to Better Serve Latino Homebuyers In 2023 – And Beyond, published in the National Mortgage Professional magazine, has been authored by our Chief Marketing Officer, Alejandra Denda.

Denda shared relevant statistics related to the wealth of the Hispanic community throughout the United States and the homeownership trends to be expected within the next decades when it comes to this community. She also warns that mortgage loan originators need to better cater their services and products to this audience to see success in their business.

Denda shares some actions that marketers and lenders need to address soon to be able to tap into the Latino market. This includes insights on how to be better prepared when the time comes for them to buy a home, such as culturally aware content, language, showcasing diversity, and offering relevant solutions to better solve their financial needs. In her own words, “It is only through listening that you can offer customized solutions, demonstrate your empathy, and maximize your value to customers.”

Being aware of the language used to reach Hispanics will continue to be critical when communicating with both foreign-born and second-generation Latinos. For instance, Denda shares that “Hispanics are often raised in homes where discussing finances is almost taboo.” As a result, many may not know why building credit is a critical step to achieve their homeownership dreams, for instance.

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