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Five Steps to Buying a Home

  1. Apply
    Begin your home loan application, which your mortgage banker will provide. The application will ask for information like your current salary/ employment status, credit score, debt, etc.
  2. Pre-Approval
    This is the most important step in the home-buying process, and tells you what price house you can afford. Sellers are more likely to accept offers from buyers who have financing secured, because the sale is more likely to close. Once you provide the Bank with a few basic documents (usually a paycheck stub, W2 and bank statement), we will begin your pre-approval letter.
  3. Processing
    During this stage, you’ll be asked for different pieces of documentation for review. Your mortgage banker will tell you exactly what information is needed.
  4. Underwriting
    At this stage, your application will be reviewed to ensure that the home and property are as described, and that you have the financial ability to repay the home loan.
  5. Closing
    You’re almost there! During this final step, you, the seller(s), your attorney and mortgage banker all will meet to review and sign loan documents. Once complete, you officially will be a homeowner.