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Zachary (Zach) Beemer’s journey into the world of mortgage expertise was a heartfelt shift after nearly a decade immersed in financial and retirement planning. It wasn’t just a career move for Zach; it was a response to witnessing the limitations of major banks and financial institutions in truly aiding families towards their financial goals and freedom. In Zach’s eyes, the common stumbling block for families was their lack of knowledge in harnessing their greatest asset – their mortgage. This realization prompted his deliberate choice to enter the mortgage industry in early 2020, right before the refinance boom. He eagerly absorbed training from the largest mortgage lender at the time, aiming to bridge the gap he saw in meeting families’ unique financial needs.

Understanding the intricate situations his clients faced, Zach noticed the constraints faced by many traditional banks and lenders. This realization led him to pivot towards the broker side of the mortgage industry, allowing him to provide tailored solutions by accessing a diverse range of mortgage programs. For Zach, professionalism isn’t just a tagline; it’s a belief system. His discipline is evident in his commitment to working tirelessly from sunup to sundown, ensuring that the job is not just done but done well. What led Zach to join The Federal Savings Bank, the largest private VA owned and operated Mortgage Bank in the country, was his deep-rooted understanding of being a one-stop shop for clients and their families.

Zach’s personal touch extends to his client interactions. He’s not just about mortgages; he’s about empowering individuals with the knowledge to transform their lives. Whether it’s guiding through debt consolidation, funding home renovations, rebuilding savings, or assisting in the purchase of a first home, Zach is resolute in giving his absolute best. Time and resources are secondary concerns for Zach; what matters most is helping clients achieve their unique financial goals and dreams.