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Tony Oyewo was born and raised in the Midwest in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. He attended the University of Minnesota and graduated with a degree in Business & Marketing. Right after college, Tony started working in the financial services industry as a banker and has been working in the industry for nearly two decades, helping clients of all walks of life.

For nearly 10 years, Tony has been a proven and accomplished banker in the mortgage industry, assisting borrowers with their home purchases and refinances. He specializes in refinances, which helps improve the financial well-being of his clients. Tony tries to make the mortgage experience as smooth and easy as possible by educating each borrower on the products and mortgage process. Tony chose The Federal Savings Bank because it allows him to offer a wide array of products and help clients in all 50 states.

Tony resides in Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys spending his time hiking on trails and being around nature. He prides himself in staying in shape by doing high-intensity interval workouts four times a week.