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Thomas (Tom) Coronato is originally from the state of New Jersey. He decided to stay close to home when he attended school as he went on to study Economics at Rutgers College.  Tom has always had a passion for helping other people, which is why the mortgage/home industry called his name many years ago. Over 25 years later, Tom has yet to look back!

Tom comes to The Federal Savings Bank with over 25 years of Construction Lending industry experience. He has been a top performer at every place he’s worked, even earning President’s Club honors annually.  Actively involved in the construction industry, he is on the Board of Directors for both the National Association of Home Builders; System Built Division and the Modular Home Builders Association.   Tom knows how long and confusing this journey can get, which is why he maintains open and clear communication with his clients throughout the duration of the journey. He does whatever he can to remove stress off the client’s plate. Tom and his assistant, Shannon Bravo, have worked together for over a decade and know exactly what it takes to help customers navigate the new construction process, from loan origination to move-in date.

Tom currently resides in Wyoming near his brothers. He has split his time between New Jersey and Wyoming seasonally and has worked remotely in The Black Hills the past 20 years. In his spare time, Tom and his brother, Bob, enjoy “treasure hunting”—procuring rare items and collectibles for collectors and museums!