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Raised amidst the rolling plains of Missouri on a horse and cattle ranch, Shannon Matlack’s roots are firmly embedded in the values of hard work and dedication. Her journey from herding cattle to steering homebuyers through the maze of mortgages has been a testament to her relentless drive. With over 25 years spent in the banking and finance world, Shannon’s experience isn’t just impressive – it’s monumental!

Shannon firmly believes that simplicity is the golden key in the mortgage realm. She knows the path to owning a home is filled with twists and turns, but under her expert guidance, she promises to be the lighthouse guiding you safely to the shores of your homeownership dreams.

Shannon is committed to ensuring your journey is as smooth as the Missouri plains, taking the time to understand your aspirations and craft the perfect mortgage blueprint tailored just for you. Shannon has a particular soft spot for our brave veterans after an impressive 11-year stint with the nation’s top VA lender under her belt. Her passion for assisting veterans isn’t just about loans – it’s about paying tribute to the heroes who’ve kept our nation safe. Every time she helps a veteran secure a new home, it’s not just business; it’s a salute to their valor.

When the banking day winds down, Shannon swaps her mortgage charts for feline scorecards. As a passionate animal lover, she’s often spotted at CFA events, proudly showcasing her two Sphynx kitties. And speaking of family, Shannon’s personal entourage includes her loving husband of two decades, their adopted daughter Zoe, a trio of Sphynx cats, and two adorable Potcakes rescued from the Caribbean.  So, if you’re looking for a mortgage expert dedicated to your homeownership dreams as she is to her cherished family and career, look no further than Shannon Matlack. With Shannon on your side, your journey to homeownership will be purr-fect!