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Sedrick Burkes is originally from Brooksville, Florida. He went on to study at Bethune Cookman University where he eventually earned his bachelor’s degree. Sedrick has always had a passion for helping other whenever and wherever he can, so being able to help people with as something as big as homeownership and financial freedom is music to his ears! Sedrick cannot wait to get started here with us at The Federal Savings Bank.

Sedrick comes to the Bank with multiple years of realtor experience. He utilizes the knowledge and experience from those years to better operate as a mortgage banker. He is aggressive and attentive in his approach, simply because his goal each and every day is to help his clients reach their financial goals as efficiently as they can. He also remains organized and transparent throughout the entirety of the process in order to give the customer complete clarity on their situation, and to show that they are in fact receiving the best service possible. Anybody who has the opportunity to work with Sedrick will soon see him for the caring and successful professional he is.

Sedrick currently resides in Miami, Florida with his high school sweetheart and their 2-year-old son. In his free time, Sedrick can be found watching a good documentary or dipping his toes into any of the vast amount of bodies of water that Florida has to offer.