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Ron has worked in the Mortgage and Financial Services industry for almost 20 years. In his career he has been a Loan Officer, National Wholesale Account Executive, Regional Manager and VP of Sales. He started exclusively offering HECM -– Home Equity Conversion Mortgages, but also has worked with and has extensive knowledge of all mortgage products. His passion has always been working with Seniors and demonstrating how the HECM can be beneficial for them, both to better their lifestyle and as a retirement planning strategy.  He has seen how this product has provided financial freedom for so many seniors, often when needed the most, in their retirement years.

Ron is an accomplished professional that is an expert in HECM – Home Equity Conversion Mortgages for Seniors and Retirees, or as he and others also refer to the Reverse Mortgage as The Equity Conversion, The Retirement Tool, The Re-Loc (Reverse Equity – Line of Credit) and H4P – HECM 4 Purchase. He educates and informs both senior clients and affinity partners on the facts and benefits of utilizing a portion of the equity from their home to make a financial difference that can improve their retirement plan and senior lifestyle.  Ron holds himself to the highest standards that include integrity, honesty, respect, transparency, confidentiality, and trust. Taking the time to understand the clients immediate and long- term goals, working together to find their best financial solution and achieve their objectives.

Having helped hundreds of clients, Ron walks each client through the process in an organized and efficient manner to ensure that the client understands fully all the aspects of a HECM, so they can make well informed and educated decisions that are best for them and their families. His extensive knowledge of the HECM products and programs available, problem-solving skills and steadfast commitment to customer service, Ron will ensure you receive expert guidance as you explore and pursue one of the most important financial decisions in your senor/ retiree years.

Ron resides with his family in Northern Michigan and has a bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University. In his free time, he enjoys playing and being a fan of most all sports, especially Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Boating, Hunting and Fishing. He also volunteers as a Youth Hockey Coach and helped establish the Northern Michigan Amateur Hockey Association. Fun fact: He had the honor to Kiss the NHL Stanley Cup with his favorite team, the Detroit Red Wings. Most importantly, are his Family, Faith and Friends.