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Born in Ecuador and raised in Jackson Heights, NY, Roberth Mendoza calls himself a “Queens boy” while maintaining a strong connection to his Ecuadorian heritage. He attended The City College of New York pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering.

The critical thinking and mathematical skills gained due to his engineering education have helped him to correctly structure loans to help prospective homeowners. He prides himself in his ability to decipher the minutia of guidelines and apply them properly to each borrower to get them on a “Clear To Close” for their dream home. Integrity, sympathy, and a desire to provide exceptional customer service are what drives him to be an exceptional Mortgage Banker. He understands the struggles of immigrants and the desire to accomplish the American dream of homeownership. Because of this, he dedicates himself to fully understanding the guidelines to better serve his communities.

During his free time, Roberth enjoys active hikes, snowboarding, playing handball, and the occasional bachata class. He considers himself a food aficionado to the extent that one day he hopes to open a ceviche restaurant.