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Phillip Masters graduated from California State Polytechnic University with a degree in Finance, Real Estate and Law.  After graduating, Phillip invested years at a major insurance company in their underwriting division where he earned a reputation for building new and growing existing commercial business relationships.  Thereafter, Phillip transitioned into the Real Estate industry where he discovered his true passion.  Phillip worked as a License Loan Originator for an upcoming direct lender start-up, where he built and grew a successful portfolio of loyal customers.  This is where he earned his Federal Mortgage Licenses in 15 States, serving and educating homeowners overcome, solve, and accomplish family’s financial goals.     

Phillip’s passion for helping people accomplish their financial goals began long before graduating with a bachelor’s degree in finance, Real Estate and Law.  Now, after 5 years as a mortgage consultant, Phillip has earned numerous customer service awards as his vision is to push through barriers and challenging conventional wisdom through the belief that everyone regardless of age, background, ethnicity, race or financial history. Phillip’s mission in life is to serve the communities of homeowners for a purpose far greater than himself. Phillip’s loyalty and commitment to help homeowners improve their financial lives is how he earned his reputation and trust within the communities that he serves.

Every homeowner that Phillip helps, a portion of that transaction is investing back into children who are facing mental illnesses who come from broken homes, who have no family and ultimately forgotten by society. Phillips philosophy is, if you choose him to serve you and your family, you are choosing to help a small child as well.