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Peter Halopoff is originally from Whittier, California. Peter has always had a passion for helping others. When he realized he could help people in a big financial way for a living, the rest was history! Peter started his career as a teller, and within 3 years, he was managing his own banking center. He has also worked as an Assistant Director of Mortgage Operations in the past. We here at the Bank are excited to welcome Peter and his extensive knowledge to our family!

Peter joins The Federal Savings Bank with over 25 years of industry experience. Throughout his years in this field, he has noticed a couple of things that always lead him and his clients to success: communication and dedication. Peter knows how long and confusing this process can get, which is why he takes the necessary time to communicate with his clients throughout every step of their journey together. This helps relieve the client of any potential stress or confusion, while also strengthening the trust between them and Peter. He also makes sure to give every client his absolute all when working with them. Peter knows financial goals are not to be taken lightly, so he treats his clients and their own goals as if they were family. Anybody who has the chance to work with Peter will soon realize just how happy they are to have him in their corner.

Peter currently resides in Peoria, Arizona with his beautiful wife and their two daughters. In his free time, Peter enjoys spending time with his family, doing anything from board games to sporting events!