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Paul Hester started his career in loan servicing as an asset manager, adept at portfolio management and assisting borrowers with loss mitigation strategies. From here, he transitioned his career to focus on serving veterans and guiding them through various home loan options, eventually pivoting to refinance products at a time when rates were historically low.

With over a decade of mortgage lending experience, Paul has the knowledge and expertise to help each borrower structure the optimal mortgage to achieve their financial goals. He prides himself on taking the time needed to understand his customers immediate and long-term goals, finding the best financial solution to achieve their objectives. Having helped hundreds of clients, he understands how confusing the home buying process can be and he works hard to walk each client through it in an organized and efficient manner. Paul will ensure each one of his clients receives superior guidance as they pursue one of the most personal investments of their lifetime.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Paul finds joy in playing tennis and Pickleball and cherishing moments with friends and family.